Your Passport Misses You

Posted on October 27, 2020 by Rob Hale

Are you sad because you wish you were traveling right now? You’re not alone — we recently read an interesting study from Hilton that said that 95% of Americans are missing travel right now. We know how they feel!

After seven months of restrictions brought on by the global Covid-19 pandemic, Americans are more than ready to travel again. In fact, 94% who travel said they plan to do so once restrictions and limitations are lifted. Over one-third of Americans plan to travel more than they previously did.

Here at Travel N Relax, we know we certainly have been missing the opportunity to travel as we have in the past as well. Travel is wired into our DNA, and it really seems out of place and peculiar to us that we’re not traveling as much as we’re used to.

Of course, when we read this study, we immediately wondered about you. Have you also been missing the opportunity to travel? Have you been dreaming of destinations you long to visit — domestic and/or international — once restrictions get lifted?

If yes, the great news is we have been seeing some incredible travel values coming out for both 2021 and beyond! This has led to some destinations already filling up and starting to see future dates getting booked out— so it’s better to start planning now than be met with “sold out” signs later on. You’ll also want to get that passport renewed if you’ve let it expire. In addition to letting you travel internationally, it also serves as a form of Real ID, which you’ll need come October 1, 2021, to travel at all by air.

Now is the ideal time to begin thinking about future travel options for the places you dream of going to! Whether you desire to travel this year, in the next few months or even further out in 2021 or beyond, it’s never too early to begin planning so we can make sure you aren’t left out of your preferred dates and destinations!

What questions do you have about those destinations? Are you wondering what’s open, or when it might be? What does travel even look like right now? Let’s connect and get your questions answered for you, so you know what to expect when you’re ready to travel.

(And don’t forget — we’re hosting regular Zoom video discussions on what’s going on at different destinations around the world; check out our events page for information on our next one, when we’re exploring Anchorage, Alaska!)

We miss you and continue to send you our best wishes and thoughts during these times. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon!

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