Disney World or Disneyland?

They’re the happiest places on Earth and both make incredible family vacations you’re sure to cherish. The best part about Disney is that it’s fun for all ages, so whether it’s you and some friends looking to go on a group vacation, you and your significant other getting away for a spell, or the whole family traveling together, you’re sure to get lost in the magic and wonder. The first decision you need to make before going on a Disney vacation is deciding which of the two theme parks you’re going to go to: Disney World or Disneyland?

Both offer incredible fun, shows, rides, and chances to meet your favorite characters and experience Disney in a way like no other. However, for those who are not aware, the two parks have different attractions and rides for you to enjoy; they’re also across the country from each other: one in Anaheim, California, and the other in Orlando, FL. From Colorado, heading to Disneyland isn’t as long of a trip as the one to Florida, but it isn’t that much longer. A flight to Anaheim is about 2.5 hours; a flight to Orlando from Denver is about 3.5 hours. For travelers with younger children, the shorter trip may be more appealing.

The next big concern for most people choosing between Disneyland and Disney World is the cost of the adventure. At the moment, Disneyland and California Adventure remain closed due to COVID-19, but they plan to reopen at the end of April 2021 to California residents and visitors from other states somewhat later, pending state guidelines. Disney World reopened several months ago and is slightly more expensive than Disneyland. However, at nearly 50 times the size, Disney World has a lot more to offer than its Californian counterpart, but we’ll get to how large the parks are and what they house in a minute. Both parks offer free admission to children under the age of three (3), and both parks offer reduced costs overall for multi-day ticket purchases – the longer you stay, the less it costs per day.

Both parks share a few rides, such as Splash Mountain and It’s a Small World, but for every ride that exists at both parks, each park does it a little differently so you never have the same experience, adding to the fun and excitement. Disneyland has roughly 25 rides at any time (accounting for refurbishment) across two parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. For shopping, dining, and a little relaxation, Disneyland offers Downtown Disney to enjoy.

Disney World, on the other hand, has roughly 50 rides spread across four parks to play in: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Analogous to Downtown Disney, Disney World offers up Disney Springs for additional shopping, dining, and entertainment. The open-air plaza is a nice way to spend the afternoon into the evening and to catch some new takes on classic entertainment.

Each park boasts fantastical entertainment in the forms of shows and parades where the casts and characters bring magic to your world – and the fun doesn’t end just when the sunsets. Disneyland goers can enjoy the World of Color show (season permitting) and Disney World often offers firework shows over the castle.

There are plenty more details and differences to go over with each park to help you make your decision and we’d be happy to discuss all of them with you! Contact our Denver travel agency to speak with a representative regarding booking your next Disney trip and how we can help you choose the right theme park for your wants and needs.

5 Things to Know When Traveling to Cancun

Are you dreaming of crystal clear blue waters washing over white sandy beaches while you sip a tropical drink? Do you want to lie in the blazing sun to work on that tan (don’t forget to wear sunscreen—we don’t need to ruin a trip with a burn)? Does local cuisine, especially incredibly fresh seafood, excite your palate and get your stomach rumbling?

Well, it sounds like you’re just about ready to look into your honeymoon or next vacation in Cancun. However, don’t think that this just a trip for couples; plenty of friend vacations and group vacations have made lasting memories in Cancun. No matter who you’re going with, we’ve compiled a quick guide for the things you need to know when taking a trip to Cancun.

Cancun is safe

You may have heard some tales that Mexico is a dangerous place; while certain areas may pose more threats than others, Cancun is entirely safe and friendly to tourists, especially if you book an all-inclusive package at a resort. There may be some pockets you should avoid, but they are far and few between, and we can go over them in more detail when you book your vacation through our Denver travel agency.

The beaches are beautiful

Get ready for bright sunshine, warm white sands, and cool cerulean waters when you head to the beaches in Cancun. There’s nothing quite like roasting in the sun to get your tan a deeper shade and then hopping in the waters to cool off. However, the sun in Cancun is very powerful, and you absolutely need to use sunscreen to avoid skin damage. Additionally, be aware that the undertow in the water can be strong, so take extra caution when you go for a dip!

There’s plenty of food to enjoy

From lavish restaurants to local holes in the wall, there is no shortage of delicious food to try and enjoy while vacationing in Cancun. While they are known for their seafood, their meats, cheeses, and other dishes are not to be overlooked! Don’t forget to get some dessert while you’re at it.

The sights away from the resort areas are easily accessible

Want to go for a swim in a gorgeous, natural swimming hole surrounded by cliffs and plants, or visit the spectacular Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza and temples of Tulum? It’s a quick day-trip away when you’re in Cancun. If you feel the need for some retail therapy, there are a few flea markets and shopping centers to pick up locally made crafts and trinkets to remember your trip!

Cancun can be very budget-friendly

If you want to go all-out on your honeymoon, there’s a luxurious suite waiting for you at one of the many resorts. If you want to spend your nights comfortably without breaking the bank, there are hotels and rooms available to make sure you sleep soundly.

Thinking you need to take a trip to Cancun? Give our Denver travel agency a call today and we’ll be happy to find the perfect vacation package for you!

4 Fun Things to Do in Hawaii

Have you been feeling trapped lately? Not only is it cold and dreary as we trudge through winter, but we’ve also all been feeling the pressure of being cooped up in our homes and bubbles due to the coronavirus. As such, plenty of people are feeling the travel bug, and are looking into a tropical vacation to get away from staying away from everyone else.

Where better to travel for fun in the sun than Hawaii? If you want plenty to do to have a jam-packed schedule of adventure and relaxation, you’ll likely want to pack your bags for the Island of Hawaiʻi, otherwise known as the Big Island. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top attractions Hawaii has to offer.

Coffee, anyone?

Kona coffee is famous, and that’s putting it lightly. Due to the climate and processing, Kona coffee has a unique taste that enthusiasts and aficionados the world around laud and love. If you visit Kona on the western side of the island, you’ll get to have the freshest cup possible. Now that is something to brag about back home to the coffee snobs you may know.

Hike a volcano (really, you can do that)

The Kilauea’iki Trail takes you on an incredible trip through a tropical rain forest until you hit a solidified lava lake. You won’t have too many chances to say you’ve hiked a volcano. You’ll enjoy the sun, unmatched sights, and gorgeous foliage (when you’re in the rain forest).

But the hiking isn’t limited to the volcano. There are botanical gardens, valleys, and beaches to hike and explore. If you’re a fan of hiking, Kona is just the place you need to be.

Life’s a beach

It’s Hawaii; it’s an island; it has beaches. But you already knew that. What you didn’t know is just how beautiful these beaches are. Not only do you have your stock standard white sandy beaches (which are gorgeous and have luxury resorts nestled on them), but they also have black sand and green sand beaches. The green sand beach contains green crystals, giving it a distinct color. The black sand beach gets its color from basalt and lava that exploded when it reached the ocean (neat!). If you’ve been itching to get in the sun and go for a swim in the Pacific, the Big Island has several options to choose from — and it’s a difficult decision which one to go to first.

Live a little (in a resort)

If you don’t want to rent a cabana or a home on the island, there is no shortage of beautiful resorts to stay in and relax. You can even catch a luau and enjoy incredible foods, drinks, and entertainment. And once it’s all over, it’s a short walk back to your room to rest. Even if you don’t stay at a resort hosting a luau, you can often still get tickets to enjoy the festivities! We’ve discussed the beauty of all-inclusive vacations before, and if this is something you’re interested in, give us a call to chat more about all-inclusive packages in Kona.

Let’s book a Hawaiian getaway

Contact our Denver travel agency to talk about your next Hawaii vacation. We’ll be happy to go over travel and accommodation options to make a memorable vacation and get away from the cold reality of winter. Call us today for more information!

The Perks of a Working Vacation

Have you ever heard of a working vacation? It’s exactly as the name implies: it’s a vacation you take, but you continue to work while you’re there.

We’re sure the first thought you had when reading that is, “Why would I want to work on my vacation. Isn’t the point of a vacation to not work and to get away from it all?” Traditionally, yes. The idea of a vacation was to take some time away from work to recharge your batteries and avoid slinking into a slump and rotting away in a rut at your job. While we love helping people plan vacations, getaways, honeymoons, and any other form of travel, we do want to talk about the unique benefits a working vacation offers.

You can save your vacation days

If you’re at a job that employs rollover vacation days, you can head out on your next adventure without cashing in those vacation days immediately. This gives you an opportunity to take a longer vacation next year without needing to skip one this year. Not a bad deal, huh?

You can increase your budget

If you don’t have as much paid time off as you want/need, but still want to take a vacation, working while you’re on vacation means you don’t lose an income stream. Therefore, you don’t need to go in too frugally; you can upgrade your travel or accommodations to make the stay a bit more relaxing and enjoyable.

You can be more flexible with timing

Since you don’t need to coordinate with your superiors or colleagues regarding when a good time to go on vacation, you can choose to go where you want, when you want. You’ll be working anyways, and with the current state of social distancing, there’s no better time to hop on a plane and work somewhere beautiful to get out of the home office.

You can stay longer

As we mentioned, you won’t be dipping into your vacation days (or all of them, it’s not a bad idea to take a 3-day weekend or two), you can work remotely for longer and really enjoy yourself. Ever have that feeling where you wished you had just a little more time where you were before having to head back to the slog and grind of work? By taking your work with you on vacation, you can get your wish and stay, just a little bit longer.

You can learn more about the culture of your destination

With all of that extra time you get by working while away, you can really learn what it’s like to be a local, not just a passing tourist, in your destination of choice. You can set up routines and experience life through a different lens, giving you new perspectives and insights into the world, people, and culture overall. It’s a rewarding experience like no other.

Curious about booking an extended vacation where you’ll be working? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss details and help you find the destination, travel, and accommodations to make an unforgettable trip.

The Benefits of a Second Honeymoon

Do you remember your honeymoon? Was it a magical time, just you and your new life partner, enjoying your first days together and exploring new places as a team? Did you go somewhere exotic, or maybe tropical? Did you go to a big city to get lost and find new treasures? It’s an incredible experience that couples look fondly on and reminisce about for decades.

What if you could have another one and share another experience like that together? Allow us to explain the beauty of a second honeymoon and why you should take one.

Over time, some couples can feel their marriage has grown, well, not necessarily stale, but you’ve likely fallen into a number of routines (thereby forming one grand routine) and the initial spark and magic may not be as bright and energetic as they once were. And that’s okay! Life happens. You have jobs, you may have a family. You definitely have responsibilities. Challenges come up; that’s what marriage is all about.

However, couples forget that they need to take time to work on the relationship to continue building it. Going through rote rituals makes it easy to forget that the other person is the love of your life and that your love needs to be celebrated. A second honeymoon gives you the perfect environment to reignite that spark into a wildfire.

It (re)builds your connection
You’re getting back to the start, where love was at its strongest and purest. You escape from the monotony and explore new places as a team and get to fall in love all over again. It’s the excitement of your honeymoon with the age, wisdom, and connection forged over the years of marriage.

You put yourselves, not your lives, first
Work and all of your responsibilities are put on the back burner, shunned from your minds while you focus on yourself and each other. Go out for drinks and dancing; go on hikes and explore your surroundings; live the lives you want to lead and ignore responsibilities. Be a couple in love and enjoy it.

It puts things back into perspective
Once you reconnect on your second honeymoon, you realize that day-to-day life doesn’t need to be as bland as it was. You can find time for each other and prioritize your love; don’t let routine creep back in and let things mellow out again. You find out what’s really important: your marriage.

If you want to reignite the passion of your marriage, contact our travel agency to look into a second honeymoon! We’ll be happy to find the perfect package and location for you to explore.

Follow the Road Less Traveled

Whenever people think of their next vacation, they’ll often think of doing all of the touristy things: seeing all the sights, paying whatever fees for whichever guided tours, eating at the famous restaurants (assuming you can get in, or just finding the nearest chain restaurant they like at home). While this is all well and good for a memorable vacation, it’s not the only way to travel.

You don’t necessarily need to stay in the fanciest hotels and eat at the hippest restaurants when you travel. You absolutely can, and our Denver travel agency will always be happy to help you book the most romantic, exciting, and luxurious vacation you want.

For those who want a different type of adventure or maybe don’t want to splurge on food and lodging, traveling to a destination hot spot and then exploring off the beaten path may be the ticket for you. But what activities include going off the beaten path? Isn’t that dangerous? Well, with everything, a bit of context matters.

Say you travel to New York City. The typical things to do would be to go to the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center Memorial, eat at a Michelin Star restaurant. You know, the big-ticket items. Maybe even check out a Broadway play, or take a guided tour through the city. If you wanted to go off the beaten path, you could look up other smaller museums and shows. You could find out where the locals eat and why. As a quick aside: haven’t you ever heard someone say the best food is in the smallest places tucked away? It’s often true, and it could save you money on your food budget.

Sometimes going off the beaten path is as simple as exploring the other side streets in your neighborhood. If you head to Rome, of course, you’ll want to see the Colosseum, maybe even the Vatican. But Trastavere, a small neighborhood of Rome, boasts a number of intimate, casual, or exciting dinner spots, and town squares boast street performers to entertain you. There’s always something to see if you keep your eyes open.

It may also save you money staying in a hotel off of the beaten path. Rather than choosing a resort, you can stay in a quiet little hotel and work your way through the city to see sights that are often overlooked. Each neighborhood just outside of a major city hub has art, food, history, and experience to offer if you just go looking for it.

You may even meet some interesting characters in your travels. Why be stuck having single-serving friends on the plane or that one guy you keep seeing around the resort, when you could make a genuine connection with someone and learn more about your area. The locals know the places to be; you should listen to them.

As far as danger is concerned, use your discretion and best judgment. Do a quick bit of research to see if there are any dangerous areas near where you’ll be staying, and then avoid them. Or, go with a larger group, since there is safety in numbers. It’s usually not advised to walk around your own neighborhood after midnight; try to apply that strategy wherever you end up traveling.

If you’re ready for a new adventure, give us a call so we can set up your next vacation and get you the hotel, travel, and packages you want for an unforgettable trip. Our Denver travel agency is happy to help you book family vacations, honeymoons, all-inclusive vacations, and more. Give us a call today to set up your next trip!

Ski Vacation Packing Guide

Winter is here and you know what that means: it’s ski season. We’ve talked about booking a ski vacation in previous blog posts, but there’s nothing quite like the rush of the cold mountain air against your face as you slip down the slopes and enjoy the fresh powder under your feet. It’s an incredible combination of sport and leisure that many Colorado residents look forward to every year.

Rather than sit here and tell you all about how you should want to book your ski trip, how to choose the right lodging, or why you’ll want to rest at the lodge after a long day on the mountain, we wanted to compile a complete checklist for you to pack for when you head out for your next ski vacation.

We’ll start with the big ticket items for when you’re ready to hit the slopes.


  • Skis or snowboards, unless you plan on renting
  • Ski boots that fit
  • Goggles to protect your eyes from cold whipping winds
  • Sunglasses, if your goggles don’t have a shaded option
  • Ski poles, again, unless you are renting.

Clothing for skiing:

  • Waterproof pants and jacket (no one wants to be damp and facing sub-freezing temps while they ski)
  • Warm clothing (sweaters, leggings, etc.)
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Warm socks

Once you’re done for the day, you’ll need some other essential items, including:

  • Warm clothes for when you go out in the town
  • Additional coats, gloves, hats, and outerwear to stay warm
  • Boots or waterproof shoes
  • And, depending on whether your lodging has a heated pool or hot tub, a swimsuit.

For non-clothing items, remember to bring:

  • A book
  • Headphones
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
  • Chargers
  • Portable batteries
  • And a first aid kit (in case anything minor goes wrong)

For the actual booking of your ski trip, you’ll want to call our Denver travel agency to speak with a representative to help you pick the right location and lodging so you can easily get to the mountain and back to your room without too long of a drive. You can either book your trip piece by piece, or you can look into bundled packages that often include lodging and ski lift tickets (and can save you some extra time and money).

If you’re planning on making your ski trip a family vacation, we recommend you check out our quick guide to reducing stress for family vacations. One of our biggest tips is to book separate rooms for you and the kids so you each have a little privacy to retire to once you’ve worn yourselves out at the mountain.

Give us a call so we can help you book your next ski vacation, whether it’s piece-by-piece or part of an all inclusive vacation package. We’ll be happy to take the worry off your shoulders so you can stay excited for your next big adventure.

5 Tips for Less Stressful Family Vacations

We’d like you to close your eyes and picture taking your next family vacation. Do you hear laughter and cheers? Do you see your family smiling and thinking that there’s nowhere else they’d rather be? Or, do you hear utter chaos reigning as your family bickers? Maybe you feel their sense of boredom and dread and they wished they were literally anywhere else with anyone else? Family vacations can be pretty stressful; you have a lot of different people (who already spend their lives together) far from home, likely tired and cranky. Juggling that is a quick route to a headache.

However, it doesn’t need to be filled with boredom nor stress. By following a few easy tips, you can reduce the chances of things going awry on your next family vacation and can help ensure a fun time for all.

Set expectations

Get the family together for a good old fashioned sit down and chat about the upcoming trip. Let the kids know how long you’ll be traveling, where you’ll be going to, and all of those not-so-fun details so that it’s all in the open. The unexpectedness can affect how children perceive the vacation. You have to remember, time is a little different for them; an hour of their time is a significant portion of their lives — you’ve lived thousands of hours. You can control the situation by being upfront with them. Additionally, you can let them help plan little pieces of the trip so they’re more excited and engaged in the trip.

Choose comfort

Traveling and enjoying all the activities you’ve planned will tucker you all out. Choose a place that’s close enough to the action while still far enough away that you aren’t kept up by ambient noise and light. Also, while it will be an extra cost, try to make sure everyone has their own space when it’s time to go to sleep. While you absolutely can share one room with a couple of beds, you’ll be happier having a door to close yourself off – and your kids will enjoy having their own room too. It’s little comforts that improve the overall trip.

Bring distractions

Traveling can get boring really quickly, and bored children often make mischief. Bring books, movies, and thanks to the advent of technology, portable game systems to keep them entertained on long car or plane rides.

Bring snacks

Ever hear the term hangry? It’s essentially a hunger-fueled meltdown. Bring snacks and thank us later.

Take it easy

Don’t cram every single second with activities. You need downtime and opportunities to take breaks and rest. No one will be having fun if you’re exhausted, sweaty, and stressed out trying to make tightly-scheduled appointments for activities.

Planning a family vacation, and subsequently going on said vacation, should be fun and exciting. It shouldn’t be some chore filled with mini chore-like activities in another city you need to check off your list. If you want a completely stress-free adventure with your family, contact our Denver travel agency office to speak with a representative to help you plan out the perfect family vacation. Call us today to learn more!

How to Stay Positive and Weather Wedding Complications

Weddings are miraculous, beautiful, and joyous days filled with family, friends, and love as you celebrate the union of two people to journey together throughout life. Weddings are also incredibly stress-filled days with months (if not years) of worry and anxiety leading up to the big day, which can really put a damper on the (supposed-to-be) happy couple’s mood and make for some tough times to overcome. Sometimes unforeseen events pop up; delays and postponements can happen; services and arrangements change or cancel — it’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

Fortunately, some issues that will arise are entirely within your control: you can always find a new caterer, venue, florist, and change the menu if someone has an allergy. Will it be stressful? Absolutely. But you can get through it easily enough.

A wedding planner can alleviate much of the stress, helping you plan all the details and make sure things go off without a hitch. But a good wedding planner isn’t cheap and not everyone can afford one. A close friend with good organizational skills can help reduce some of the stress of planning, but if their vision isn’t your vision, you could end up causing yourself more grief. Finding good, reliable vendors can also be the difference between wedding day bliss and aggravation. An experienced florist, for instance, has probably done scores if not hundreds of weddings, and could help you avoid some of the pitfalls they’ve seen plague other weddings (even in areas not directly related to flowers).

Unfortunately, some things may be out of your control, and you simply need to accept it. Maybe you can’t invite everyone you wanted because the venue can’t hold as many people as you wanted and you don’t have the budget for the next size up. Maybe you have to settle for a floral arrangement you don’t love. Maybe you only have so much time after the wedding to enjoy a shorter honeymoon. These things will bother you — that’s a fact. But regardless of what comes your way, whether you can solve it or not, you need to stay positive.

Staying positive, as crazy as it may sound, keeps things in perspective and keeps you focused on addressing issues you can fix and letting the ones you can’t go by. Why stress yourself out over things that you can’t control anymore? It’s truly just a waste. Focus on the important tasks at hand and remember that the wedding is a celebration. Once it’s over, you can begin your life together as a married couple and get away on your honeymoon.

Positive thinking has been shown to reduce overall stress, which can lead to better overall health. Stress takes a terrible toll on the body and mind (grey hairs, anyone?). While things may be tense and the plan will morph and evolve as time goes on, keeping a smile on your face may just help you weather all of the issues that pop up.

If your big day is coming up: breathe. It will all work out. You’re smart, you’re determined, and you’re going to enjoy the big day with your friends and family. If you’d like other stress-relieving strategies for your wedding, check out our blog about the benefits of a smaller wedding. Additionally, if you haven’t yet planned out your honeymoon, call our Denver travel agency office to speak with a representative. Like the experienced florists or wedding planners who have done myriad weddings, our experienced travel agents have planned hundreds of honeymoons and know how to make things run smoothly. We’ll go over the most popular honeymoon packages and destinations to find the one that’s right for you!

The Benefits of a Smaller Wedding

Some people dream of large and lavish weddings with every seat filled by family (close and extended) and friends (new and old). Some people even go so far as to go into debt to have the massive wedding they’ve always wanted and dreamed of. If that’s your dream, we don’t want to take it away from you, and we want you to enjoy your beautiful and love-filled day. However, we would like to discuss the benefits of having a smaller wedding — the biggest one being that you can put the money you save from the wedding towards an unforgettable honeymoon.

By choosing a smaller wedding, you save money at every turn. You won’t have to pay the caterers since they won’t need to cook as many meals or appetizers. You can save money at the bar since you won’t have as many guests running up the tab (especially if it’s an open bar). You also have access to more venues and don’t need to shell out as much to reserve large halls to accommodate your massive guest list. Any piece of the wedding cost greatly reduces once you choose the route of a smaller wedding.

With that additional budget, you can then put it towards a longer and/or more lavish honeymoon to relax and enjoy your first days or weeks together as a married couple. You can choose to travel to more exotic locations, farther away, extend your stay, upgrade your lodging, or even all of the above. However, it really comes down to your choice and preference. Would you rather spend all of your money for one day to have everyone you know and their guests to watch the event, or would you prefer to get away and live lavishly in a foreign place to start your married life strongly and healthfully?

Similar to a more luxurious honeymoon, by choosing a smaller wedding, you can use the funds you would have on a large wedding to make the smaller event even more beautiful than you could have imagined (and still enjoy that extended dream honeymoon together afterward). Upgrade the meal, the flower arrangement, or the venue — it’s all up to you!

Say the money isn’t an option, though. Another incredible benefit of having a smaller wedding is the massive amount of stress it removes from your plate. It’s easier to find a venue to accommodate a select gathering; you don’t need to worry about so many meal options; you don’t need to worry about as many plus ones, seating arrangements, or potential drama. Even if there wouldn’t be drama with a larger crowd, having a smaller guest list means that you can spend more time with your guests and have a more intimate day and enjoy their company, rather than run around trying to say “Hi” to everyone for 15 seconds each.

If you like the idea of a smaller wedding so that you can put those funds towards a more luxurious honeymoon, give our Denver travel agency a call to go over potential honeymoon travel options and to see what awaits you! We’re happy to go over all-inclusive options, travel and hotel packages, and the most popular honeymoon destinations. Call us today for more information!