Your Passport Misses You

Are you sad because you wish you were traveling right now? You’re not alone — we recently read an interesting study from Hilton that said that 95% of Americans are missing travel right now. We know how they feel!

After seven months of restrictions brought on by the global Covid-19 pandemic, Americans are more than ready to travel again. In fact, 94% who travel said they plan to do so once restrictions and limitations are lifted. Over one-third of Americans plan to travel more than they previously did.

Here at Travel N Relax, we know we certainly have been missing the opportunity to travel as we have in the past as well. Travel is wired into our DNA, and it really seems out of place and peculiar to us that we’re not traveling as much as we’re used to.

Of course, when we read this study, we immediately wondered about you. Have you also been missing the opportunity to travel? Have you been dreaming of destinations you long to visit — domestic and/or international — once restrictions get lifted?

If yes, the great news is we have been seeing some incredible travel values coming out for both 2021 and beyond! This has led to some destinations already filling up and starting to see future dates getting booked out— so it’s better to start planning now than be met with “sold out” signs later on. You’ll also want to get that passport renewed if you’ve let it expire. In addition to letting you travel internationally, it also serves as a form of Real ID, which you’ll need come October 1, 2021, to travel at all by air.

Now is the ideal time to begin thinking about future travel options for the places you dream of going to! Whether you desire to travel this year, in the next few months or even further out in 2021 or beyond, it’s never too early to begin planning so we can make sure you aren’t left out of your preferred dates and destinations!

What questions do you have about those destinations? Are you wondering what’s open, or when it might be? What does travel even look like right now? Let’s connect and get your questions answered for you, so you know what to expect when you’re ready to travel.

(And don’t forget — we’re hosting regular Zoom video discussions on what’s going on at different destinations around the world; check out our events page for information on our next one, when we’re exploring Anchorage, Alaska!)

We miss you and continue to send you our best wishes and thoughts during these times. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon!

The Best Vacations Post-Quarantine

We know you’re tired of reading news about COVID-19, sheltering in place, social distancing, and everything else that goes with it. While it’s obviously in the best interest of people across the US and the globe, many people are bitter about needing to cancel their vacations and trips to celebrate honeymoons, anniversaries, or just an excuse to get away for a bit. Travel restrictions won’t exist forever and even now, cities across the world are beginning their reopening strategies to work towards a return to normalcy. Some restaurants and shops are open and soon, things will be like they were before COVID-19 hit.

When the reopening is in full swing, you’ll likely want to capitalize on the vacation you had to defer – and we understand that. We want to help you plan the perfect getaway for every occasion. Once restrictions are lifted, however, doesn’t necessarily mean the virus will be completely gone and some people may want to continue to the social distance to avoid possibly contracting the virus. The good news is there are a few vacations and destinations to choose from to get away from the stresses of everyday life without being thrust into densely populated areas, shopping centers, and crowds.

Tropical getaway

Picture yourself on the beaches with no one else around, soaking up the sun as the waves lap at the shore mere feet away from you, or meters if you’re outside of the US. There are plenty of resorts that have private bungalows to stay in that keep you far away from other guests, or residents of the town/island so that you can escape and have isolated peace and quiet. If you’re a fan of beaches, snorkeling, grilled foods, tropical drinks, and fun in the hot sun, consider booking a tropical getaway. We’ll be happy to help you pick the right destination for your budget and timeframe.

Mountain resorts

Do you love to ski and snowboard, or do you just enjoy being in a frozen wonderland where you can bundle up and get cozy in front of a roaring fireplace? You should consider a mountain getaway. There are plenty of hiking, climbing, and outdoor adventure opportunities in the colder climates where populations are limited and other guests don’t often go. If you love the cold, snow, cozy inns and cottages, and slow cooked comfort food, you should choose a mountain and chilly getaway for your next vacation.

Countryside cottage

Do you just want peace and quiet in a little village where you can forget about the business of day to day life? Book a trip the the countryside; Europe has plenty of small little towns where you can cozy up and rest to get away from it all. Take in local sights, scenery, cuisine, and more without feeling crowded, or claustrophobic. No need to worry about social distancing when there aren’t enough people to make it a concern!

We hope these three destinations have inspired you to think about your next vacation and have helped you envision yourself there. We’re happy to help go over the benefits of each location, what you can expect when you get there, and how to keep yourself and others safe while on your trip as the world recovers from the pandemic. Contact our offices today to learn more about our vacation package offers and how we can make your next dream vacation a reality.

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Book Your Next Trip Ahead of Time

While we know you’re stressed, anxious, and exhausted with COVID-19 news, the sad reality is that we need to continue practicing social distancing and limited travel while we all work together to flatten the curve and spare immunocompromised people from risk of catching the virus. You may have had travel plans when all of this spiraled, and that’s unfortunate that your plans likely were postponed, if not outright canceled.

Traveling is a wonderfully enriching and exciting activity to be experienced by all people for any number of reasons. Honeymoons, annual trips, anniversaries, or even just to get away for a few days to recharge your mental batteries. New sights, new smells, new foods, new adventures. And yet here we all are, stuck inside.

If there ever was a silver lining, a small glimmer of hope and optimism, to be seen through this nightmare, it’s that you can book your next vacation and save some money. Flights are cheaper, hotels and other abodes (Airbnb, hostels, etc.) are open, and you can capitalize on that to make up for lost time.

Picture it, once things start to resemble normal again, you can pack your bags, head to the airport, and fly off to your next great adventure. Canada, Mexico, Europe? You name it, it’ll be there waiting for you. And once the coronavirus is under control, you won’t need to worry so much about mandatory quarantines when you return. You’ll simply be able to go and be a tourist (if that’s your thing).

Maybe that can be a fun activity to pass the time and plan ahead: look and see the top three places you’d like to visit within the next year. Once you’ve decided, give us a call and we can help you plan the perfect trip to guarantee good times and fond memories. For the time being, please, stay safe and take it one day at a time, but know that this isn’t permanent and we’ll all be able to be the jet setters we’ve dreamed of being soon enough.

What to Expect from Travel in the Future

With COVID-19 turning the travel industry upside down, would-be travelers are unsure of what it will be like to book their next vacation — or re-book a trip that was cancelled due to the pandemic. Additionally, the big question of “when” weighs on everyone’s minds.

While everyone is sheltered-in-place, it’s easy to let the mind wander to far off destinations and check flight prices to see what could be. The low fares right now are obviously tempting and some people, usually skewing younger in demographics, are a bit more tempted than older demographics to take advantage of these deals.

There is no immunity to the virus; the best case scenario, if you do catch it, is that you’re asymptomatic and don’t feel sick. That being said, traveling does impose some risks and you may be more likely to touch a surface that is infected with the virus than if you stay in your home and practice social distancing. There’s plenty of room for error, no matter how cautious you are.

Eventually, the curve will flatten and we’ll see travel restrictions lifted; the west coast states have banded together to form a pact to open their territories once signs of the virus waning are apparent. TO that end, east coast states, including New York, are adopting similar strategies. When those restrictions are lifted, we’re likely going to see a steep increase in travel bookings as people will feel freed from the cages of their homes.

When that happens, expect prices to reflect the demand – they’re going to go up quickly. Those with additional extra income will snap up the plane seats and hotel rooms quickly, while those still recovering form the pandemic will pass for the time being until we reach stasis again. Though the travel industry is down now, it has always made incredible comebacks once medical emergencies, like COVID-19, have subsided.

An easy and cheaper way to travel, once the ban is lifted, will be to take your car and head out to your destination. Gas prices likely will go up to meet demand, but it will still be cheaper than airfare as more people try to book seats, including the middle ones.

As we’ve written, it may be in your best interest to book early while prices are still low, but if you’d rather play it safe and see what happens first, there’s no harm in that. Regardless, we’re here to help you book your next trip and are happy to lend a hand and continue to inform you of travel advisories, tips, and tricks.

3 Amazing Places You Need to Visit in 2020

2020! Somehow that number brings an extra amount of renewed excitement this year, not just for the New Year that it marks, but also for the new decade that it is ushering in for us!

As always at this time of year when the calendar page turns, we tend to look ahead with renewed hope and excitement at the possibilities the New Year may bring. In this process we also set our New Year resolutions and plan our travel adventures for the year ahead.

With that understanding, now is the ideal time to pause and consider some of the travel destinations you may want to visit now before they get discovered by the masses and become packed with tourists.

Travel​ N Relax has done some extensive research on what the top destinations for 2020 will be and to discover those places where most travelers are hoping to go.

With that knowledge, the Travel N Relax team has then honed in further to find the 30 most remarkable travel destinations that are up and coming, but not yet on peoples radars to the extent that they have thus far become overcrowded and unpleasant to visit.

Here we present (in no particular order) 3 of those places that are perfect for you to visit now!

1. Discover the Perfect Uruguay Vacation

When planning a trip to South America many destinations pop into mind. Among these are Brazil, Peru, Chile, the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador and Argentina among others. While each of these well known spots do have their own particular charm, and are certainly worth seeing, Uruguay thus far remains a hidden spot in South America.

Known for its verdant interior and beach-lined coast, Uruguay is a hidden treasure that sits on the South Atlantic between Argentina and Brazil. It’s capital Montevideo is a fascinating city that offers art deco buildings, colonial homes and Mercado del Puerto, an old port market along with La Rambla, a waterfront promenade.

Whether you choose the excitement of the city, the relaxation of a beach town or the gaucho (cowboy) lifestyle of the countryside, Uruguay offers many delightful surprises without the crowds and rush of the other well known South American destinations. Our professional certified Travel N Relax travel advisers can help you discover the best Uruguay travel experiences perfect for you!

2. Enjoy a Nature filled Costa Rica Vacation

Probably the most well known out of the 30 travel destinations, Costa Rica thus far remains a Central America gem not yet overrun with tourism. However as the secrets of this destination become better known Costa Rica is sure to become a tourism hotbed in the not too distant future.

Known for its beaches, volcanoes, rain-forests and birds and wildlife, Costa Rica an incredibly diverse country in regard to the things there are see and do. The nations capital San Jose is home to many cultural institutions like the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum.

When you combine the nations many sights to see, its diverse wildlife and the incredibly friendly population it is no surprise that once you have discovered the charms of Costa Rica it is very likely that you will go back! To most effectively discover all that Costa Rica has to see and do our Travel N Relax Costa Rica travel adviser experts can utilize their knowledge and inside connections to create an amazing Costa Rica vacation for you!

3. Discover History on Your San Marino Vacation

Every year thousands travel to Italy to discover all of the wonders that Italy has to offer. One surprise that many miss is San Marino – a scenic and mountainous microstate that is completely surrounded by north-central Italy.

Only 24 square miles in size, San Marino is one of only three countries in the world to be completely surrounded by another country. Founded in A.D. 301 San Marino is a nation with a very rich history and retains much of its historic architecture within its medieval walled old town with its narrow cobblestone streets.

Just 3 hours east of Florence or 3 hours south of Venice San Marino is definitely a must see destination on any real tour to Italy. Yet many don’t even know of this place and thus miss it completely.

Our Travel N Relax Italy travel adviser experts know all of the secrets of Italy and it’s surrounding regions so, like San Marino, you won’t return home only to learn that you have missed a highlight that was right there in front of you!

How to Attain your Perfect 2020 Travel Vacation

Whether you decide to travel to one of these 3 destinations in 2020 or not, Travel N Relax hopes you will find time in the year ahead to discover some new destinations to visit and make it your New Year’s resolution to do so.

The world is full of interesting places to visit, and these 3 destinations truly only skim the surface of the remarkable travel destinations that Travel N Relax can recommend to you based on your own unique interests. Let us utilize our many years of travel know how and knowledge, combined with the travel tools and inside resources we have available to us, to put together an amazing fully customized trip for you!

At Travel N Relax, we take pride in truly taking care of all the details so that you can simply Travel N Relax!

Give us a call today at 303.317.6945 or contact us by email at Info@TravelnRelax.com to discover the Travel N Relax difference! We look forward to serving you and making your vacation truly magical!

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Differences Between a Family River and Family Ocean Cruise

When deciding upon a family cruise experience, one of the first things to determine is which will be best. A family river cruise, or a family ocean cruise. When looking to answer this question there are many variables to be considered which a family travel agent can assist with.

Among these considerations is whether you prefer being out in the open sea or if you prefer the closer in views that a river cruise can offer you.

Differences between a Family River Cruise and Family Ocean Cruise

On an ocean cruise you will be out on the ocean in a larger vessel with occasional ports of call in multiple countries. On a river cruise you will sail down one of the major rivers in the country generally seeing multiple countries on a single trip.

Because of the narrower rivers and locks the ships must navigate, as well as the heights of bridges the ship must pass under, river cruise ships tend to be smaller boats with fewer facilities than the ocean ships will have. Nevertheless, as the river cruise market evolves and new ships are built, larger suites, more luxurious facilities and family friendly considerations are becoming easier to find on these ships.

Family Cruise Shore Excursion Options

Likewise, on either an ocean or river cruise, shore excursions will be a major element of your family cruise vacation experience. The land tour choices provided by family cruise lines are almost unlimited and provide options that can please all members of your family. Because of the wide selection of tours available, you might want to consider turning your trip into a group vacation and bring along the grandparents! When you create a a multi-generational vacation in this way you can make your family vacation even more special!

Some examples of options you might have to pick from include active expeditions such as hiking, parasailing or biking to gentle paced walking tours to special interest tours such as culinary, wine or artistic tours. If the ships selection of tours does not meet your satisfaction fully customized day trips can also be arranged. Your family travel agent will be able to help you select the best options and arrange these tours for you.

Tour pricing will differ greatly depending on the tour you select and the level of customization that you desire. With many river cruise companies the cruise line will provide free excursions that are included in your cruise fare with additional for fee tour options available. These extra cost excursions will generally be more extensive options that allow you to learn about your destination or the sights you are seeing at a deeper level.

In all cases working with a family vacations travel agency like Travel N Relax you will get the benefit of having guidance and help on which cruise option is best for you. As well, you will gain the value of having a professional certified family travel agent assist you in selecting shore excursions and making other pre-cruise and post-cruise arrangements that will assure that you have the maximum enjoyment on your trip.

We invite you to discover the difference in working with a professional family travel agency like Travel N Relax and seeing the value that such a relationship can provide to you. Give us a call today at 303.317.6945 to let us take care of all the details while you and your family truly Travel N Relax!


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What to Anticipate on a Family Cruise Experience

When planning your family cruise experience there are many considerations that must be made to assure that you and your family have a great family vacation.

Family cruise lines offer ships of various sizes, different cruise itineraries, and various cruise lengths. A family cruise can range from only a few days to extended packages that combine both the cruise with a pre or post-cruise stop to a family-friendly destination such as a Disney park or Universal Studios.

Despite these differences, when working with a professional family travel agent who can determine your wants and needs, you can be assured of an exceptional cruise experience that will both please and satisfy you.

Utilizing the connections that a family vacation travel agency will have, and the knowledge and training of a family travel agent, you will be matched to a cruise experience which provides true family fun.

A family-friendly cruise will offer you great food and beverage options in a wide array of restaurants, quality staterooms to accommodate your family, and a wide selection of entertainment offerings to please every member of your family. Some ships will also offer character interactions that allow the young, and young at heart, to meet, greet, and mingle with their favorite film characters.

Generally on this style of cruise, one will find a wide selection of activities which might range from rock climbing walls, mini-golf, ice skating, laser tag, merry go rounds, and other similar kid-friendly activities that will keep your entire family satisfied. Additionally, kid’s clubs are often available to allow mom and dad to enjoy some alone time should they desire it.

Staterooms on family cruise ships often feature private balconies and provide larger than average stateroom options that can accommodate your entire family in one unit. Some staterooms might also offer a multi-level option with a slide that your little ones can zip down inside the unit.

While these elements are generally always common on a family cruise where things do differ is in the style of travel that each cruise line presents. This is where the knowledge and training of a professional certified family travel agent really come in handy. Learning your preferences and personality, the family travel agent can guide you to a family cruise line that truly meets and caters to your family’s unique desires and needs providing you with an exceptional family vacation experience!

Utilizing the connections that a family travel agency will have, it becomes possible for the guest to be presented with an amazing family cruise experience that will truly please and wow them!

Whether the guest desires a large cruise vessel, a smaller style ship, or a ship packed with family fun features when you utilize the training and knowledge of a professional family travel agent your family vacation wishes can become a reality!

We invite you to give Travel N Relax a call at 303.317.6945 to discover the difference that working with a family travel agency can bring to you! Travel N Relax looks forward to servicing you!

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Amazing Disney VIP Trips You Must Experience in Your Lifetime

As a family travel agency, Travel N Relax is always seeking out the best vacation experiences for our guests to enjoy. One company we have come to depend on for offering exceptional family vacations is Disney. Whether on a Disney cruise, an Adventures by Disney land package, or a trip to one of their global theme parks Disney always seems to deliver.

Among the Disney offerings, Adventures by Disney offers some amazing tours that a family travel agent is always quick to advise on. Adventures by Disney tours offer small group tours where Disney trained guides to provide guests with exclusive events, skip the queue access to key sights, and private adventures with local specialists to enjoy the culture of the destination.

While all Adventures by Disney tours offer something special, there are some tours that our family travel agents have learned go above and beyond in offering something special. These are tours that one should experience at least once in their lifetime. Among these are:

Disneyland Resort and Southern California Tour

For passionate Disney lovers, this tour is a must. Working with Adventures by Disney, our professional family travel advisors will arrange VIP tours of the park along with exclusive tours of the Walt Disney and Jim Henson studios which are normally not open to the public. Other surprise extras are also included!

Pasta Preparation in Italy

Italy is a popular destination for all travelers and our family travel agents can work with Adventures by Disney to bring this destination to life! On this tour, the guest will enjoy a variety of iconic Italian sights as well as several private VIP tours and cooking opportunities. A highlight on this tour is the winery visit and pasta making in Tuscany!

Luxury Tours of Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is an iconic national park which is renowned for being the first national park in the United States and one of the first in the world. Due to the park’s popularity, Yellowstone was Disney’s very first Adventure trip and remains a perennial favorite today. Working with Adventures by Disney, our family travel advisors can arrange a tour that combines seeing the key sights of the park along with thrill-seeking adventures such as zip-lining, whitewater rafting, and horseback riding. As with their other national park tours these tours do tend to sell out quickly.

Marvel at the Wonders of Egypt

A new Adventures by Disney tour is their Egypt tour which allows you to admire the iconic sights of Egypt. This tour will take you from the magnificent pyramids of Giza onto a Nile River cruise and offer many ones of kind experiences like snorkeling in the Red Sea and an Egyptian cooking class. Working with a travel agency specializing in family vacations you will experience Egypt in a much deeper and meaningful way than could be accomplished on your own.

San Francisco Highlights

On this long weekend escape, our family travel agents will work with Adventures by Disney to combine the scenic sights of San Francisco with some exceptional magical Disney add ons such as a stop at Lucas Film studios and a tour up to Muir Woods Redwood forest and Napa. This, and other long weekend escapes that your family vacation travel agent can offer, will provide you with an exceptional re-charge in your life to allow you to face the daily routine with more vigor.

While Adventures by Disney offers many other trips, the above provides a small sample of the types of tours available.

Working with our certified family travel agents at Travel N Relax, they will be able to determine your preferences, help you select the ideal destination and tour for you and your family, and create a fully customized family trip that will truly please and impress you!

We invite you to give a professional family vacation travel agency like Travel N Relax a call at 303.317.6945 so that you can experience the many other benefits and perks that we can offer you! At Travel N Relax we take care of all the details so that you and your family can truly Travel N Relax!

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Family Travel Ideas That Will Make You Thankful

At this time of the year we as a country pause to reflect and give thanks for the positives we have in our lives.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving or any other similar holiday, the idea of cooking and doing dishes for a crowd may not excite you. If that’s the case perhaps it’s time to switch things up and replace your Turkey Day feast with a relaxing family vacation where you and your loved ones can bond and have fun!

Travel N Relax’s certified family travel agents have the perfect ideas to guarantee a getaway that will allow your family to bond as you create new memories and new traditions.

Whether you opt to enjoy a family vacation at the beach, or take a family trip closer to home, our professional family travel advisors have the perfect family holiday idea for you. Best of all these trip ideas can be enjoyed year round! So don’t be concerned, it’s not too late to round up your family and head out on a relaxing and enjoyable family travel adventure!


Enjoy a Tropical Family Beach Vacation

As the early winter chill begins to set in, for many families there is no greater thought than to head out on a family beach vacation to somewhere warm and tropical. Thankfully there are many tropical family travel locations that are accessible, that can provide a fun and relaxing family vacation for you.


Many non-stop flights are available from Denver that make it easy to reach your family beach vacation quickly and reach great family resorts like the Generations Resort which offers family friendly all suite, all ocean-front accommodations. Combine this type of lodging with great family vacation options ranging from historical sights to theme park type areas and you have an exceptional family travel destination.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is another easy to access family travel destination that offers a wide selection of family friendly accommodations from Nickelodeon Resorts to Beaches Resorts depending on where in the Caribbean you are travelling to. Like Mexico, the Caribbean offers some great family activities to make this area of our world another great family vacation destination.

Of course there are multiple other tropical family beach vacation destinations that can be explored. The professional family travel agents at Travel N Relax can make recommendations based on your unique desires and interests.


Relax at a Family Vacation Dude Ranch or Family Ski Resort

If the mountains are more your family travel style Travel N Relax’s family travel advisors can make some solid suggestions both locally and nearby. Colorado and it’s surrounding mountain region states offer some fantastic family vacation destinations ranging from authentic dude ranches to some of the top ski resorts in the world. For families that love the outdoors in a snow kissed environment nothing beats a great family ski vacation or a true Western Dude Ranch experience.


Other Family Travel Ideas

While there are of course many other family travel ideas ranging from remarkable Disney family holidays, to international family vacations in Europe, Asia or Australia or just a Farm to Table family trip to Vermont this space does not allow all of your options to be explored. However, the world is waiting for you this Thanksgiving and beyond, and the family travel professionals at Travel N Relax can help you find your ideal family vacation spot.

Don’t you and your family deserve the very best family vacation of your dreams? With so many great family friendly destinations to explore in our world now is the time to create those memories that you will cherish forever. Give Travel N Relax a call at 303.317.6945 and allow your family to truly Travel N Relax as we take care of all the details!


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Who Should Not Use a Travel Advisor

In today’s world filled with 24/7 self-book options and hundreds of travel websites and apps, planning and booking your own vacation can quickly become overwhelming. It only takes a quick search on the internet to discover the value of a travel professional. Just looking at the search term “Disney vacation planning ideas,” for example, shows 27,600,000 results!  A family travel agent can help a guest sort through this overwhelming level of information to plan out the perfect trip.

Furthermore, with more travelers seeking out a fully customized, eco-friendly, unparalleled vacation that only true travel professionals can provide working with a travel agent is as essential to the trip organization process as ever.

However some individuals will not need the help of a travel expert for each individual trip, and some may never require the help at all. Who are these people and what do they look like?

Know It All Bob

Bob is the vacationer who lives on the internet and devours every piece of travel information that he can find. There are never enough travel articles, travel websites or destination and review sites to satisfy Bob. He is addicted to the Internet and is passionate about investigating every detail of his trip. If a luxury travel agent were to suggest an idea to Bob he would not trust the suggestion until he himself had researched and confirmed it.

Although the Internet can present anything it wants to present which may lead to dubious, incomplete and out of date information, the know it all expert has no problem with this. In Bob’s mind if the Internet has stated it it must be true. These are dedicated Do It Yourselfers and see no value in having a luxury travel agent take care of all the details of their trip. In their minds the best vacation is the one they plan themselves.

Deal Seeking Debbie

Debbie is the traveler who will look at every element of her trip and see an expense tag on every item. When planning her trip Debbie’s mind is in a constant state of going Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching with each element of the trip. This leads her to always be looking for ways to cut back and to find a better, cheaper deal. Debbie lives on the discount websites and is never satisfied to book until she has price compared on multiple booking sites. Debbie does not understand the difference between price vs. value so when the luxury travel agent talks to her about the best value, she cannot comprehend the discussion nor has any interest doing so.

To Debbie, the cheapest option is always the best. When booking it makes no difference to Debbie that the hotel is an hour outside of the city. Nor in her rush to get the absolute best price did she notice that the attraction tickets she thought were included were not. Nor did the hotel include breakfast or any meals.

Sadly for Debbie only after she arrives does she realize the better valued package the luxury travel agent could have provided – offering center city accommodations with breakfast, and exclusive tickets to the attractions she wanted would have been the better “deal,” as it would have actually saved her money and offered exclusive perks the luxury travel agency could have arranged.

Global George

George is the ardent traveler who is always out exploring new parts of the world and knows every inch of it. George travels so frequently that he considers himself a local in most areas and knows the destinations he likes to travel to better than a luxury travel agent might.

Laid Back Louise

Louise is an apathetic traveler who just rolls with the things that come to her and has no issues or concerns with anything their environment might bring. Her oceanfront room looks out at the parking lot? No worries. The mattress is old and bumpy and comes with rough torn sheets? That’s fine. The nightclub outside the room is blaring until 2am? Not a worry. Let’s party!

While some may find that these types of situations could ruin the whole trip, to Louise she could care less.  Her lenient style of travel planning allows for odd situations to happen and Louise is fine with that. Louise will be happy regardless, so the skills of a luxury travel agent are unneeded.

No Fuss Floyd

While Floyd shares some of the same tendency’s as Deal Seeking Debbie, he’s not quite as cheap. Nor is he as laid back as Louise. For Floyd he just doesn’t care about any travel enhancements or upgrades. VIP service bothers him and getting extra free amenities is a bother.

A luxury travel agent is all about going above and beyond and providing the extra services and amenities their  travel agency can provide. The supplier relationships they have formed and the business knowledge they have developed doesn’t matter to Floyd. He is content with just a no-frills, no-fuss prudent vacation. Floyd just won’t see the benefit of a luxury travel agent who would provide over the top elements and service he does not want.

Bob, Debbie, George, Louise and Floyd are examples of traveler types who would not be good fits to work with a luxury travel agency. Again, if you find you match with these five, that is perfectly OK.  Many people enjoy investigating, scheduling and reserving their own travel and that’s great!

However, should you be one who enjoys getting the extra perks that a luxury travel agent can provide, and having someone ensure that you are getting the absolute best value, services and amenities Travel N Relax would be happy to assist you. Give us a call to make your trip exceptional and to take care of all the details so you can truly Travel N Relax!


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