What is a Luxury Travel Agency

Posted on October 28, 2019 by Rob Hale

As a luxury travel agency, we are often asked what distinguishes a luxury travel agent from a regular travel agent. In short, what is luxury travel and what makes a luxury travel agency unique?

While it true that this market certainly expects a higher level of service, expectation and yes price point, luxury travel goes well beyond that.

As a qualified luxury travel agent, one must understand that the wealthy no longer focus on material things as they used to. Now, they have come to value experiences over goods and authenticity over opulence. Today’s luxury traveler is a collector of memories and adventures.

To allow the guest to collect these adventures and experiences requires a luxury travel agency to understand that there are a few common factors that most upscale clients are looking for.

Luxury Travelers are often seeking:

  1. A desire for access, service and advocacy so that they may gain access to the best experiences.
  2. A desire for a deeper level of personalization and one of a kind experiences.
  3. A desire for experience-based travel and to achieve deeper connection by truly immersing themselves in the destination.
  4. To experience cultural connections and truly experience local life.

With these points in mind a luxury travel agent will then go to work to tailor make travel that is specific to what the client wants to accomplish.

As these clients can afford the best options, a luxury travel agency such as Travel N Relax wants to make sure that’s what we are presenting to them. The best options that will genuinely please them.

Truly as a luxury travel agency it becomes our goal to cater to the client and take care of their every detail so that they can truly Travel N Relax!

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