You’re Grounded!

You’re Grounded!

Just hearing those two words can make a person cringe! While thoughts of an upset parent sending you to a corner may come to mind when one hears those words, did you know that even more severe consequences can occur in the summer – that can lead to your hearing the words “You’re Grounded” when you least want to hear those words spoken. Here in Colorado, where we have been experiencing multiple days with record breaking heat, it has certainly been noticeable that we are in the depths of summer! Yet, summer heat and high temperatures are certainly not restricted to “The Centennial State.” Indeed, hot temperatures can certainly occur in any location during the summer. When such “out of the normal” weather strikes are you ready when it comes to your travel plans? While many will think of the common processes and procedures to take when abnormal weather occurs – pack the umbrella to handle rain; dress in cool light colors for heat, etc; what is not considered is what to do when your travel plans get waylaid due to such weather. As an example, did you know that in some cases high temperatures may lead to your being bumped off your airline flight! Hot air makes the air thinner. Small aircraft have a hard enough time taking off in the thin air that comes with high altitudes often found in mountain resorts. When you combine that with the heat, the air becomes even thinner making it a safety issue for flights to take off. As such, in order to attain lift, airlines aren’t able to carry as many passengers on their outbound flights. This leads airlines to have to bump passengers to lighten their load and ensure their planes can take off safely. Such a situation is currently occurring in Southwest Colorado at the Durango-La Plata County Airport. You can read the whole story by clicking here . Situations such as this can occur at anyplace at anytime and are not just restricted to heat caused issues. Other similar weather issues can include – Tropical storms and hurricanes, flooding issues and of course winter snowstorms. When encountering such issues, having a professional travel agent such as Travel N Relax to assist you in your rebooking can be quite helpful and reduce a lot of time and stress for you. In many cases, your travel professional will be already be monitoring “out of the normal” weather situations and can resolve issues for you before you even become aware that there even was an issue!  This truly leads to a “Hassle Free” travel experience for you! Either way, as we can see from this real life story, weather is a matter that often is not considered when it comes to the very real travel impacts it can have on you. As such it is vital that you pre-plan your options should you encounter a matter so that that you can avoid hearing the words “You’re Grounded” and finding yourself stuck in a place you may not want to be!

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