Yo Ho – A Pirates Life for You?

Yo Ho – A Pirates Life for You?

I read a story tonight from the Orlando Sentinel and on Fox News WOFL 35 regarding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Apparently park Guests were riding the attraction late Sunday evening during the park’s Magical Hours when a not so magical event occurred, the ride malfunctioned and shut down… for almost two hours! According to the sources, Guest’s on this unlucky voyage boarded the boats at 10:30 PM. and progressed smoothly for the first part of the ride when they then felt a bump from the boat behind and the ride stopped. With the pirates singing their theme song of “Yo Ho, Yo Ho” Disney tried to restart the boats with no luck. Thankfully for guests after about 15 minutes they were told that the Pirate sounds would stop and the singing ended. Not so thankfully, 15 minutes later the power went out and they were plunged into darkness! Disney officials made attempts to automatically restart the ride, and when that didn’t work, staff had to manually bring the ride back into operation.   This was done by Cast members putting on hip waders and pulling to boats to a point where the Guests could disembark. Park officials have offered an apology to all park goers who were affected and will work on a case by case basis to try to make up for the inconvenience.  Disney says there have not been any major mechanical issues with the ride in the past. Was this the malfunction the work of a mischievous ghost of Walt Disney (for whom this was the last attraction at the park in which Walt Disney had direct involvement in designing) or simply a sign of wear and tear on an attraction which has smoothly hosted millions since it first opened in 1973? Whichever the case, the point is that on any trip – even to the most “Magical” place on earth – hiccups can happen.  When they do it’s easy to get upset and let the situation destroy the rest of your vacation. I would encourage instead to take the situation in stride and to make the most of it, view it as a unique adventure – particularly situations such as these that are outside of your control anyway. In such situations it is best to remember that the operator (Disney or other) does not want the hiccup to occur any more then you do. In fact it is often much more distressing to them. Their goal is always to get you to your end point as quickly, smoothly and safely as is possible. Life is stressful enough without adding to it. For that we applaud the thought process of an M. Berry (who was a Guest on the ride) who stated… “You’re on a ride; it was stopped for our safety, they were looking out for us and we just waited as the kids slept.” She took the adventure in stride, was given Fastpasses as she exited and stated that she was looking forward to come back again and to ride Pirate’s once again. We would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this “Adventure” and how you would respond if caught in such a situation. We would welcome your comments on this.

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on Sep 16, 2011

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