Why I Fell In Love With Walt Disney

Why I Fell In Love With Walt Disney

My passion for all things Disney began in the summer of 1971 when, during a family vacation to the West coast, our first stop was at Disneyland. Here, as I experienced the magic of the park through the eyes of a 10 year old, I truly learned the vision that Walt Disney had when he sat on the park bench and, watching his daughters on the Merry Go Round, dreamed up this magical place where children and adults could have fun… together! In 1976 I was off for my second Disney adventure – to the Walt Disney World resort in Florida – where it became confirmed that I was truly a Disney aficionado and where, in future years, I would begin my career as a Disney Cast member. Since this time I have visited the Disney parks too many times to count and have been enchanted by the other Disney travel options. It was during these times that I learned the real meaning of the Disney company slogan – “Look to the name Walt Disney for the very finest in family entertainment” and realized that I also shared Walt’s passions and wanted to create a similar business enterprise that would also offer high quality family experiences where families could unite and experience fun and carefree times together. Thus was born Travel N Relax… a company that would create high quality family vacations custom designed to the dreams of each client. Because of my shared passion with Walt Disney (to reunite families) and my background with the Disney resorts, Disney became the first niche area I decided to focus on. What makes a Disney vacation attractive is that there are so many different venues one can experience the company through – from the theme parks, to the Disney Cruise line to Adventures by Disney (which offers global land tour’s with a Disney touch)! Any of these will offer you a magical opportunity to reunite as a family! A money saving tip I offer to clients heading to a Disney Park, is to stay on-site so that you will not need a car. With so many different resort options you can find a property in your budget and then use airport shuttles and Disney transportation to get around the area. A single day car rental can be arranged if you wish to see other local sights off the Disney property. This will save you a good deal of money!

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