Which Disney Vacation is Best for you?

Which Disney Vacation is Best for you?

As Disney Vacation Specialists, we are often asked by our clients which Disney Vacation style will be best for them. With so many Disney vacation styles to choose from – from Disney Parks to Disney Cruise Lines; from Adventures By Disney to the Disney Vacation Clubs, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming knowing what style of Disney vacation will best match your needs. Our friends at Disney have developed a quick vacation quiz to determine which Disney destination’s right for you and your family … magic guaranteed! How would you describe your family… A. Thrill seeking B. Seafaring C. Adventurous D. Relaxed and casual On vacation, your family would rather experience … A. Total fantasy B. Various activities C. Exotic lands D. Pool side pleasure Your family’s most comfortable in … A. Sneakers B. Snorkel fins C. Hiking boots D. Flip-flops Which movie reminds you of your family? A. “Sleeping Beauty” B. “The Little Mermaid” C. “Mulan” D. “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie” Which animal would your family prefer? A. Mouse B. Fish C. Giraffe D. House cat Your family would rather spend time in or on a(n) … ? A. Castle B. Ocean C. Zip line D. Resort Name your family’s fave mode of transportation: A. Monorail B. Floating city C. Kayak D. Pool float Your family’s ideal surroundings include … A. Thrills ‘n’ chills B. Water — and lots of it C. Wonders of the world D. The comforts of home Which is a vacation must? A. Roller coasters B. Deck parties C. Tour guides D. Room service Describe your ultimate dream destination: A. California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, or Hong Kong B. Caribbean C. China D. Hawaii ANSWERS Mostly A’s You’re definitely a Disney Parks type family! And with so many to choose from — Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disney, and Disneyland Paris – you and your loved ones can visit a different Park each year until 2015 and always see something new! Mostly B’s From Alaska to The Bahamas, Europe to the Mexican Riviera, Disney Cruise Line is the perfect choice for your family! Set sail aboard the Disney Dream, Disney Wonder, or Disney Magic for a voyage filled with exceptional dining, activities, entertainment, and world-class attention to detail that Disney’s famous for. Mostly C’s Pack some pixie dust, ’cause Adventures by Disney will send your family around the globe to some of the most magical destinations on Earth. Whether you’ve always dreamed of exploring Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North, Central, or South America, Disney’s knowledgeable Adventure Guides provide cultural tips and one-of-a-kind experiences for the trip of a lifetime. Mostly D’s Disney Vacation Club offers all the comforts of home along with unsurpassed amenities at their relaxing resorts, vacation homes, and villas worldwide. Love the beach, golf, mountain hiking — or all of the above? Locations from Key West to Europe, Africa, and beyond provide your family with unlimited travel opportunities for your ultimate dream vacation. Rest assured that whichever your Disney Vacation Style might be, Travel N Relax has you covered in regard to booking the most magical vacation for you and your family and/or friends in any of the Disney Destinations worldwide!

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