What to Expect from Travel in the Future

Posted on April 29, 2020 by Rob Hale

With COVID-19 turning the travel industry upside down, would-be travelers are unsure of what it will be like to book their next vacation — or re-book a trip that was cancelled due to the pandemic. Additionally, the big question of “when” weighs on everyone’s minds.

While everyone is sheltered-in-place, it’s easy to let the mind wander to far off destinations and check flight prices to see what could be. The low fares right now are obviously tempting and some people, usually skewing younger in demographics, are a bit more tempted than older demographics to take advantage of these deals.

There is no immunity to the virus; the best case scenario, if you do catch it, is that you’re asymptomatic and don’t feel sick. That being said, traveling does impose some risks and you may be more likely to touch a surface that is infected with the virus than if you stay in your home and practice social distancing. There’s plenty of room for error, no matter how cautious you are.

Eventually, the curve will flatten and we’ll see travel restrictions lifted; the west coast states have banded together to form a pact to open their territories once signs of the virus waning are apparent. TO that end, east coast states, including New York, are adopting similar strategies. When those restrictions are lifted, we’re likely going to see a steep increase in travel bookings as people will feel freed from the cages of their homes.

When that happens, expect prices to reflect the demand – they’re going to go up quickly. Those with additional extra income will snap up the plane seats and hotel rooms quickly, while those still recovering form the pandemic will pass for the time being until we reach stasis again. Though the travel industry is down now, it has always made incredible comebacks once medical emergencies, like COVID-19, have subsided.

An easy and cheaper way to travel, once the ban is lifted, will be to take your car and head out to your destination. Gas prices likely will go up to meet demand, but it will still be cheaper than airfare as more people try to book seats, including the middle ones.

As we’ve written, it may be in your best interest to book early while prices are still low, but if you’d rather play it safe and see what happens first, there’s no harm in that. Regardless, we’re here to help you book your next trip and are happy to lend a hand and continue to inform you of travel advisories, tips, and tricks.

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