What is the “Role” of a Travel Agent?

What is the “Role” of a Travel Agent?

In today’s world I am often asked What is the role of a travel agent and how has it changed? Travel agents work hard on behalf of the consumer. The role of a travel agent is to make the process of going on a trip – whether for work or pleasure – a stress free and memorable experience. Travel agents spend time not only booking tickets and searching for affordable prices, but also personalizing their services for individual clients. The American Society of Travel Agents’ (ASTA) motto, “Without a Travel Agent, You’re On Your Own,” exemplifies the importance and way professional travel agents view their role in today’s changing market. The job of a travel agent has grown and adapted to reflect the changes within the travel industry, and the differences in the way people think about travel. ASTA travel professionals recognize that consumers today have done their homework and are more knowledgeable about what they want. Clients who turn to a certified ASTA travel agent desire an in-depth, personal approach and want the advice and expertise of a professional. This is why an ASTA travel agent: • Distills product information; • Investigates and supplies competitive information; • Stays abreast of the most current and timely promotions; • Analyzes the current promotions; • Clarifies the fine print, such as cancellation penalties and restrictions; • Makes recommendations on travel-related options; • Simplifies the research and subsequent transaction; • Enhances the trip with value-added benefits and amenities; • Uses their clout to obtain the best possible arrangements in seemingly impossible situations; and • Gets problems resolved. In working with a certified ASTA travel agent professional, the consumer can be sure that they are getting the best overall values and the best options for their individual trip needs! Feel free to contact me if you need advice on your next Vacation!  

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