Two Denverites see the world, via truck

Two Denverites see the world, via truck

Recently I was inspired when I read a The Denver Post article on two Denverites who logged 66,000 miles around the world via trucks to inspire Americans to see the world. Two adventurous Denverites see the world, via truck Their mission was to dispel the myth that the world beyond our borders is dangerous, and to inspire people to look around and get out and explore. Travel N Relax applauds and supports these two adventurers and welcomes them home with a hearty thanks! As a travel company, we share the belief these two have that the world is not a place to be feared but rather a world community where we share more in common then have things that are different. Indeed, outside of language and unique national traits our world neighbors often share the same hopes and dreams for a unified global community that we all have, and they are more like us then different. Only by getting out into the world and experiencing it first hand can we truly discover this truth. As one travels the globe and meets our global neighbors in other countries, we learn that these neighbors are indeed friends, and not enemies to be feared. As this realization occurs our frictions can diminish and hopefully may one day fully vanish. So with those thoughts, welcome home Steve Bouey and Steve Shoppman! Travel N Relax thanks you for the voyage you have taken and for the lessons you sought to teach. Your adventures were inspiring and hopefully a life lesson for all of us that in your words.. : Our neighbors are no longer just the people next door. They are in China and Cambodia. They are all over the world.

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on May 23, 2009

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