Trending Travel Destinations

Trending Destinations for 2017

It is hard to believe that we are rapidly approaching May, and that the first quarter of the year has already passed.
With these milestones, the trends for 2017 are already coming in, and the travel lists for this years Trending Places; Hottest Travel Destinations; Off the Beaten Path / Emerging Travel Destinations and Top Up and Coming International Travel Destinations have now been compiled based on booking patterns to date.
These sought after travel lists are often used by the world’s best travel agencies to help their clients select new travel destinations for their clients.
So where are your fellow world explorers travelling to? The list of destinations is an interesting mix of longstanding favorites combined with emerging destinations and a few new surprises along the way!
Take a look and let us know if your favorite travel destination is on one of these lists! If not, we would love to hear from you where you would like to travel to!
Whether to one of these travel destinations, or a travel destination special just to you, when you are ready to go Travel N Relax will be ready to get you there!

Trending Travel Destinations:

1. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia                     6. Vancouver, Canada
2. Goa, India                                          7.  Fogo Island, Newfoundland
3. Reykjavik, Iceland                            8.  Auckland, New Zealand
4. Bozeman, Montana                           9.  London
5. Tokyo                                                 10. Paris

Hottest Travel Destinations:

1.  Cuba                                                 6. Ireland
2.   Italy                                                 7. Australia
3.   Iceland                                            8. South Africa
4.   United Kingdom                            9. China
5.   Spain                                               10.Vietnam

Off the Beaten Path / Emerging Travel Destinations:

1. Cuba                                                   6.Myanmar
2. Iceland                                               7. Iran
3. Croatia                                               8. Africa (South Africa and Morocco)
4.  Sri Lanka                                          9. Cambodia
5.  Vietnam                                            10. India

Top Up and Coming International Travel Destinations:

Europe:                                                 Pacific:
Iceland                                                  New Zealand
Croatia                                                  Tahiti
Portugal                                                Bora Bora
Africa:                                                    Central / South America:
Kenya                                                    Panama
Tanzania                                                Peru
Seychelles                                             Galapagos Islands
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