Traveling America by Train

Traveling America by Train

English: A southbound Amtrak Downeaster train ...

A southbound Amtrak Downeaster train passes through the village of Ocean Park, Maine, headed for points south. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Train travel has always held an air of mystique and adventure. Since 144 years ago (May 10, 1869 to be exact), when the golden spike was driven into the final wooden tie in Promontory Summit Utah, railroads have transformed the face and character of our country. Why Train Travel The completion of America’s first transcontinental railroad on that May day, changed America back then, and even today hearing a train whistle still evokes a sense of adventure that other modes of transportation just can’t match. Driving is way too long, Flying is rush, rush and stressed. Rail travel however offers a relaxed sense of adventure and the sense that the train is going off somewhere exciting. On a train you relax, look at the scenery and meet all kinds of interesting people. There is a level of sociability and relaxation that you just don’t find with other forms of transport. It is perhaps because of this that last year Amtrak trains transported more than 31.2 million passengers, the highest total since 1971. Railroad History While the “Golden Age” of railroading spanned from 1870 to 1920 (when cars and buses began to offer other transportation alternatives) trains were still very prevalent through the 1950s. In the 1960s passenger travel fell off and many lines closed due to financial constraints. Today Amtrak (a federally chartered corporation) oversees passenger rail service in 46 states and serves more than 500 destinations. As airports are becoming more stressful Americans are once again discovering the benefits of rail travel. This is particularly true in the Northeast Corridor where trains offer fast, frequent service with much less hassle. Benefits of Rail Travel Yet, even with long distance rail many like the relaxing pace that allows them to see the countryside. Others like the sociability, especially in the dining car where passengers are seated together. In a train you see things you could never travel to in a car. And, if you purchase tickets for the train’s private sleeper car, all your meals are often included! This creates an all inclusive travel experience that is not often found elsewhere in America. Rail Vacation Options From a quick rail getaways that offer you the perfect way to enjoy a city and its culture, to escorted rail journeys that offer you a local tour guide where your daily activities are coordinated by an experienced escort, an Amtrak rail vacation can offer a rich travel experience! For those more adventurous there are even independent rail journeys and rail sea vacations that an Amtrak train can provide you! So with all the benefits offered by rail what you are waiting for? Discover the secret that American’s have known for 144 years… That being that rail makes an exceptional travel and vacation option! In today’s rushed world you will appreciate that the world goes by more slowly on a train. As your rail specialists let us help you discover the perfect rail for you… in America or abroad!

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