At Travel N Relax we offer multiple Hassle Free ways to contact us. No matter what your preferred contact method is, we’ve got you covered.

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At Travel N Relax, we specialize in creating customized magical dream getaways. We do this by finding out exactly what you need and taking care of every last detail for you.
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Our Thoughts About Online Booking

Offering Hassle Free Travel Planning The Way You Want It!

At Travel N Relax our goal is to service you the way you wish to be served!

While many of our guests desire to have us fully service them from start to finish, we realize that for some the trip planning is just as enjoyable as the trip! To that end, we had often been asked why we did not offer online booking.

Based on these client desires, Travel N Relax is now pleased to offer you our full online booking engines for our preferred partners – Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts!

Using these tools, our self booking friends can now enjoy the full cost savings these tools afford. (Please do be aware that additional unadvertised savings and specials may also be available to you that are not advertised with online booking engines. For the most current and up-to-date savings please utilize our free full travel planning services).

For those who still prefer a little bit of the personal touch we also offer our “Hybrid” model where you can still enjoy the online booking world but also access – at no cost to you – our professional travel planning services for any additional general questions you may have.

For those traveling to destinations not covered by our online booking engine options, our free full service travel planning services remain available to you.

Whether you prefer to book on your own online, utilize our full travel planning services, or access our hybrid travel planning model Travel N Relax is pleased to offer you hassle free travel planning just the way you want it!

We look forward to having the privilege of serving you!

What Are Your Service Fees

What Does It Cost To Use Your Services?

At Travel N Relax our passion is to provide our guests with the absolute best travel values available. For that reason we offer our Price BEAT guarantee for every trip we book. If you find the exact same trip for less, we will not only match the lower price but BEAT it!

Additionally, we understand (and agree) that your travel dollars are valuable and, as such, are much better spent on your vacation then in paying us service fees.

For that reason, with our “Planning To Go” service program we are pleased to provide our services to you absolutely free!

How our “Planning To Go” program works is our initial consultation is completely free.

After that, presuming that both of us agree that utilizing the services of Travel N Relax makes sense for you, there is a $150 retainer (per booking reservation) that is paid by the guest to employ us to work on your behalf.

This amount is held – but NOT deposited into our account- and is APPLIED 100 % IN FULL TOWARDS THE COST OF YOUR VACATION.

In other words, presuming that you in fact travel, the FULL $150 retainer is applied towards your vacation cost… NOT paid to Travel N Relax.

If you decide not to book with us, then the $150 retainer converts into a cancellation fee that Travel N Relax will then deposit into our account and keep for the time and work we have invested into your travel planning. Your $150 retainer payment is ONLY kept by Travel N Relax if you decide, after we have begun work for you, not to book with us and opt to book your own travel elsewhere.

Otherwise it is APPLIED IN FULL towards your actual vacation cost.

For those not needing or desiring a full vacation package, or who simply need a few moments of our consultation time, we also offer:

Airline Only Package – $25 per ticket – On this package $25 per airline ticket is applied, on top of the actual ticket cost, as our service charge to book airline tickets only. This amount pays for our time and costs to book airline tickets only.

Consultation Package – $50 per hour – On this package Travel N Relax will assist you with only the parts of the trip you need (or desire) help with. Charges are on an hourly basis for our time and services. Partial hours will be broken down to the nearest quarterly hour increment in an upwards direction (i.e. 12:35 would be considered as 12:45, etc).

On any of these programs we are certainly happy to answer any questions you may have regarding them and /or to provide you with additional written information that offers you more details on each. Please do ask us on any questions you may have.

We look forward to having the honor of serving you!

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