Travel is meant to be fun! So is life!

Travel N Relax wants you to enjoy all of your free time. When you’re looking for something fun and different, we invite you to explore this travel games section.

Here, you will find amusements both online, and for your travels. For a few moments of delight or hours of entertainment, Travel N Relax is pleased to offer these fun diversions!



Use your knowledge of travel destinations to help the heroic Captain CoconutHead, champion of hassle free travel, avoid capture in the jungle.


Match the cards to reveal the travel photo beneath.



Print out the card and try to spot as many different state’s license plates as you can!

Pleased be assured that these games are safe to play and are all family rated. Your security – both online and off – are of top importance to us. As such, be assured that your computer system not will be affected by playing these games. No downloads or any other modifications to your system will ever occur thru the use of these games.  They are offered only for your fun and relaxation.

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