Towns To Catch The Holday Spirit In

Towns To Catch The Holday Spirit In

As hard as it is to believe, the holiday season is approaching faster than a transpacific airline flight, with Thanksgiving only 10 days away. Holiday travel planning and activities can be stressful, so to add some holiday cheer Travel N Relax is pleased to offer a list of favorite towns with holiday-themed names to help travelers get into the spirit. No matter what part of the country you call home, there’s a town nearby with a name that sparks the holiday frame of mind. For example: 1. Holiday – A suburb North of the Tampa-St.Petersburg-Clearwater, Fla. metropolitan area. 2. Joy – Joy, Ark. is a township in White County; and Joy, Ill. is a village with a population of less than 4001. 3. Thanksgiving, Md. – A town near the Chesapeake Bay just about five miles west of Easton. 4. Turkey – Just like the meat on Thanksgiving, there’s an abundance of towns named Turkey. You’ll find one in Ark., Ky., N.C., Ohio, Texas and W.Va. 5. Pie, W.Va. – If you live in or near W.Va., you can enjoy as much Turkey and Pie as you can stand in one day. 6. Pumpkin – You’ll find Pumpkin, Ga. northeast of Atlanta, and Pumpkin, Texas is adjacent to the Sam Houston National Forest. 7. Cranberry – It’s anyone’s guess if the residents prefer them dried, sauced or jelled, but you’ll find towns named after these tart little berries in Md., N.C., Pa. and W.Va. 8. Eggnog, Utah – It’s most likely difficult to find a rum version of this popular drink here. 9. Chestnut – Look for these flavorful nuts to season your stuffing with throughout the USA in towns called Chestnut in Ala., Ill., Ky., La., Mont. or W.Va. 10. Snowflake – Just like the real snowflakes, No two towns named Snowflake, whether in Ariz., Va. or W.Va., are alike. 11. Christmas – If your holiday likings lean more towards this holiday you may wish to visit towns called Christmas in Ariz., FL, Ky., Michigan, Miss., or Ut. 12. Rudolph – This famous red nosed reindeer might be found in any of the following towns named in his honor – Oh., SD., Tn., TX or WI. And for those who are just not in the holiday spirit at all, be sure to visit… 12. Humbug – in Yavapai County, Arizona!

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