Tips For Planning A Green Thanksgiving

Tips For Planning A Green Thanksgiving

Many this year seem to be looking for new ways to make Thanksgiving (and the holidays in general) more “Green.” Based on this fact, we came across the following “green” tips on how to make your holiday more ecologically friendly, and wanted to pass them along with the hope that they might assist those who are seeking ways to ceate an ecologically friendly holiday season …   1) Shopping for Food: When shopping for your Thanksgiving meal, keep two words in mind: organic and local. These key words will guarantee a fresher, more nutritious meal with less transportation costs.

2) Portion Control: Tons of edible food are wasted each year – more than 100 pounds per person. One of the best ways to reduce your waste this Thanksgiving is to plan ahead for the meal and practicing portion control. 3) Get Outside: Need one more stick of butter, try walking to the convenience store rather than driving. Instead of using electricity to watch football, go outside and play tag football. 4) Traveling Tip: If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, turn down the thermostat and turn off the lights to save energy while you’re gone. 5) Cleaning the Dishes: The average dishwasher uses between 7 and 15 gallons of water per cycle. After the meal, be sure to fill the dishwasher to capacity before running it to save water and energy. 6) Crafty Decorations: Save the environmental cost of manufactured goods and have fun by making homemade decorations. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing: Dried leaf place cards, Pinecone turkeys, festive fall arrangements of pumpkins or corn cobs, edible centerpiece of fruit and nuts, etc. 7) Recycle & Reuse: Make sure you guest are aware of what can be recycled and what can be used. The holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Years) generate the most trash of any time during the year. Feel Free to Contact Us for more Green Travel Ideas!

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