Theme Cruises – A Fun Way to Travel!

Theme Cruises – A Fun Way to Travel!

When looking for a unique way to travel, many will consider a Theme Cruise.  These cruises that used to be an obscure way to travel (with only a handful of offerings) have, in recent years, really taken off (with 400 to 700 different cruises now available at any given time). Running the gamut from the sublime to the bizarre, these cruises can range from affinity type cruises such as quilting or scrapbooking to music cruises with such stars as Donny and Marie, Elvis or the Beatles, to cruises with foodies, geeks, sports fan, politicians or even a ship full of vampires!  If you can dream the (legal) theme either such a cruise exists or one can be easily arranged! On many of these cruises, one of the appeals is the fact that they often afford an opportunity for fans to mingle with stars and celebrities, and vice versa.  Because of this, celebrity cruises often sell out within hours which then leads to more celebrities wanting to book at-sea appearances which then creates even more of a demand for these sorts of cruises! It’s a unique and vicious circle! Theme cruises can range from full-ship charters where everyone on board shares a particular interest, to large groups with participants invited to private activities (not available to other passengers).  Given the wide number of themes available these cruises can be suitable for anyone from singles to families depending on the cruise. Clearly, as the market growth of this travel segment displays, the public wants this unique opportunity to meet and see experts on topics, and to share the common passion about whatever the subject is. For this reason, Theme Cruises seem to be something that is here to stay. Whatever your interest, Travel N Relax can help you find the perfect Theme Cruise for you that will provide you with the perfect Hassle-Free escape of your dreams. If an organized cruise is not already available, not to worry, we can create a theme cruise for you and / or your group! Whatever your passion is we encourage you to consider the fun of a Theme Cruise and the new friendships that you can create with the like-minded people you will find on them! Theme cruises are… A Fun Way to Travel!

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