The Swine Flu

The Swine Flu

Travel N Relax continues to fully monitor the situation with the Swine Flu. We are following both the consumer media, as well as the multiple sources of travel media that we have available to us, so that we can best advise our clients, and others, as to how to proceed with their individual travel plans. As of this moment the consumer media continues to paint a much more dire situation then is actually the case in the Mexican resort destinations. Mexico City, where the epicenter of this flu has occurred, is well separated from Mexico’s resort destinations. This is not to say that the situation might not change, and to that end we will continue to monitor this on a worldwide basis as it evolves, and present the most accurate and level headed updates that we can so that our clients, and others, may get a realistic and truthful picture of the actual situation. Updates will continue to be posted on a regular basis on our Travel N Relax Twitter page until this crisis has ended. Any major developments will also be posted in this space as the need may occur. At Travel N Relax your safety and health is critical to us and you can therefore be assured that we will continue to monitor and present important information on this situation as it continues to evolve.

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