The Benefits of a Second Honeymoon

Posted on January 30, 2021 by Rob Hale

Do you remember your honeymoon? Was it a magical time, just you and your new life partner, enjoying your first days together and exploring new places as a team? Did you go somewhere exotic, or maybe tropical? Did you go to a big city to get lost and find new treasures? It’s an incredible experience that couples look fondly on and reminisce about for decades.

What if you could have another one and share another experience like that together? Allow us to explain the beauty of a second honeymoon and why you should take one.

Over time, some couples can feel their marriage has grown, well, not necessarily stale, but you’ve likely fallen into a number of routines (thereby forming one grand routine) and the initial spark and magic may not be as bright and energetic as they once were. And that’s okay! Life happens. You have jobs, you may have a family. You definitely have responsibilities. Challenges come up; that’s what marriage is all about.

However, couples forget that they need to take time to work on the relationship to continue building it. Going through rote rituals makes it easy to forget that the other person is the love of your life and that your love needs to be celebrated. A second honeymoon gives you the perfect environment to reignite that spark into a wildfire.

It (re)builds your connection
You’re getting back to the start, where love was at its strongest and purest. You escape from the monotony and explore new places as a team and get to fall in love all over again. It’s the excitement of your honeymoon with the age, wisdom, and connection forged over the years of marriage.

You put yourselves, not your lives, first
Work and all of your responsibilities are put on the back burner, shunned from your minds while you focus on yourself and each other. Go out for drinks and dancing; go on hikes and explore your surroundings; live the lives you want to lead and ignore responsibilities. Be a couple in love and enjoy it.

It puts things back into perspective
Once you reconnect on your second honeymoon, you realize that day-to-day life doesn’t need to be as bland as it was. You can find time for each other and prioritize your love; don’t let routine creep back in and let things mellow out again. You find out what’s really important: your marriage.

If you want to reignite the passion of your marriage, contact our travel agency to look into a second honeymoon! We’ll be happy to find the perfect package and location for you to explore.

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