The 12 Days of Christmas – A Modern Cruise Tale

The 12 Days of Christmas – A Modern Cruise Tale

Travel N Relax As many of you know The “Twelve Days of Christmas” is an English Christmas carol that enumerates a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas. Evidence suggests that the song, first published in England in 1780, may be French in origin. No matter its start, the song is clearly European in its style with lyrics presenting such things as Partridges – native to Europe, Asia and Africa; Turtle Doves – Native to Europe and North Africa; French Hens – Native to France; Calling Birds – Native to Europe, Asia and North Africa, and Leaping Lords whom are often found in European castles and royal palaces. It has been estimated by Pittsburgh based PNC Financial Services Group that it would cost approximately $24,263.18 (in today’s dollars) to buy all 78 items listed in the song to present these gifts to your true love today. Happily however, these gifts can still be presented to your true love in a much more economical way. How? By taking a European Cruise of course! To illustrate this fact: We have noted above days 1 – 4 with the Partridges, Turtle Doves, French Hens and Calling Birds – all of which you can spot in Europe. We have also mentioned day 10, where the Leaping Lords can be spotted on your shore excursion to a European castle or royal palace. Day 5 represents Gold rings which you can purchase at one of the onboard shops with your gambling winnings from the ships casino.  Day 6 and its six geese a laying can be satisfied at Happy Hour when Gray Goose becomes Gray Geese!  Meanwhile, day 7 and its requirement for swans can be met by joining in on a karaoke sing along where you can sing your rendition of the Suwannee River! Moving to Day 8, the ships spa treatments will have your skin glowing like a Milk Maid, while the Vegas style reviews will present to you the nine ladies dancing found on day 9. We have already covered day 10 and its leaping lords and on day 11 you can become the pied piper by inviting friends and family to come with you on a group cruise and, perhaps, earning  yourself a free stateroom in the process! This brings us to the 12th day of Christmas and its drummers, whom you will find in abundance at the many entertainment venues found on the ship. Thus, as you can see, a European Cruise can be a perfect way to capture the essence of the 12 Days of Christmas and covering every gift with just 7 nights vs. the 12 noted in the song. What’s more, even with airfare included you can do all of this for much less than the $24,263.18 that PNC Financial has quoted as a price for all of these items. Therefore, a cruise offers you both time and cost savings which will further please your true love! Indeed, as has been illustrated, there is no better way to make your 12 days of Christmas come true, and to make your true love merry, then with a gift of a wonderful cruise vacation to Europe! What are you waiting for? Europe awaits you!

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