Best Ways to Enjoy Your Beach Vacation

Ah the beach! When packing one’s bags for an amazing vacation is there any better place to go than to the beach?! Offering a relaxing respite from the challenges of today’s world the beach would appear to be the ideal spot to kick off your shoes and truly Travel N Relax!

But then like an unwelcome wave, the world crashes in and the headline arrives telling of the thousands of buried glass shards that were found spread across hundreds of yards of coastline at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Suddenly such news makes one aware that perhaps a beach vacation also requires thought and attention to the details that will allow your vacation to be ideal.

So what are the critical items to be aware of when heading off the to beach?

First, as the headline above would convey, be sure to take a long a good pair of sandals or beach shoes. Protecting your feet in this way will allow you to stay safe from the hidden hazards and dangers some may attempt to cause.

Also, sunscreen is of course critical to protect you from the hidden dangers of the sun. Along with this would be a tanktop for men and a good sun hat that protects your neck and face. However you prepare be sure to lather up so that you do not get burned – the number one reason peoples beach vacations get destroyed. Also remember the closer you are to the equator the more important it is to wear sunscreen. Don’t forget also to lather up the often forgotten spots like your ears and nose.

For relaxing a good book is must along with a beach towel or sand free mat if beach chairs are unavailable. Also don’t forget your sunglasses so your not left squinting at the pages!

For those who are more active you may want to bring along a frisbee or kite to play with on the beach and beach tubes and toys to take into the water. All of these can be packed into a mesh bag that will prevent a car full of sand on the way home!

A water cooler filled with water bottles and your favorite snacks and drinks is a must to stave off your hunger and thirst pains.

When it comes time to hit the surf don’t forget to stay surf safe.

This would involve such things as checking the local tide conditions and times and looking into any dangers like rip tides that may be in the area. Possible sealife like jellyfish and the like should also be determined. These can often be determined by lifeguard flags or personnel or nearby signs posting possible dangers. Beachside hotel staff may also be able to direct.

A must for children is a good life jacket to keep your little one afloat when they run into the surf. Beach goggles or a snorkel and mask can also be useful.

Finally, while it may seem like a no brainer don’t forget to pack your bathing suit! Often in the rush to prepare to leave this is an item many forget.

For other packing and travel ideas, Travel N Relax can help you take care of all the details so you can truly enjoy your vacation to the beach or elsewhere. By being prepared your vacation will truly be exceptional no matter how others may plan to interrupt it!