Sleeping with Ghosts at Disneyland – An Update

Sleeping with Ghosts at Disneyland – An Update

As a follow-up to the blog posting of the same topic posted a few days ago on this site, it was announced today that Jessica, 12, and Stephanie Sutton,10 from Santa Clarita, California are the lucky(?) winners who will get to spend a night in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion on August 9th! The two sisters will be joined by their parents, Cyndi and Tim Sutton, who will also stay with them in the mansion. This ghostly sleepover is being held in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the ride which opened in New Orleans Square at Disneyland August 9,1969. The sisters won the contest, co-sponsored by 95.5 KLOS, by receiving the most votes on the radio station Web site for their talent; singing “Happy Birthday” with a dog barking in the background.

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