Should You Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Posted on April 8, 2020 by Rob Hale

If you turn on the news right now, within 10 minutes, you’ll likely hear more about the coronavirus that is sweeping the globe and infecting people left and right. Travel industry professionals are worried about the virus, it spreading, and infecting them and/or others around them. Related to this, people who need to travel for work, or leisure, are terrified of contracting the virus as it’s fairly contagious.

As such, people are cancelling trips left and right, missing out on long expected opportunities, vacations, getaways, and honeymoons. Is it best to cancel your trip, or would it be a waste of investment and you’d miss out? Well, as you might expect, the answer is a bit complicated.

You need to look at the severity of the location in terms of the outbreak and how likely you might be exposed to the virus. China is still a hotbed for the virus, and though the Chinese government just lifted the travel ban from Wuhan, the city where the pandemic first emerged, you might still want to postpone any trip to China for a while. A tropical getaway in the Caribbean? Well, the chances of finding the coronavirus there are much lower, though cruises to the Caribbean have been cancelled by most lines through at least all of April.

With a little research and assistance from our travel experts, you will be better informed to make the right decision regarding the health of yourself, your party, and/or your family.

If you decide to go through with your upcoming trip, after careful consideration and assessing the likelihood of catching the coronavirus, you should still take some precautions to guarantee your well being during your travels and stay.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water
  • Try to maintain social distancing of at least six feet from others, if possible
  • Avoid anyone who coughs, sneezes, or seems ill in any way
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes as much as humanly possible
  • While advisable, you don’t need to wear a face mask when traveling; it is highly advised for people who are already showing symptoms of being sick to stop the spread of any potential virus

If you have any questions or concerns about upcoming travel plans, contact us so we can advise you and go over the pros and cons, as well as the risks, to traveling or canceling. Your health is important as we face this worldwide crisis, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw away dreams of a getaway. Call us today to learn more.

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