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How to Save Money When Booking Hotels for a Family Vacation

Finding the right accommodation at the right price is one of the greatest concerns when planning a vacation with the family. If you skimp too much you could easily ruin the entire enjoyment while it is all too easy for you to go overboard. Here are some practical tips on saving money on hotels.

Decide Your Vacation Budget Before You Step Out

When planning your vacation, apart from deciding your destination, two of the most important issues are how to travel and where to stay. Deciding where to stay can be quite difficult given the enormous variety of accommodation that is available. However, it does merit some planning as if you do not like your accommodation it could easily spoil your holiday spirit, while on the other hand there is little point in wasting money on facilities that are of no use to you. If you are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, then you could think of basic accommodation and use the money saved on activities, entertainment and dining. If you really want to live like a king, you could think of trimming the number of vacation days.

Have a Flexible Schedule

Vacation in the national parks, mountains or on the beaches can become far more affordable if you plan to visit during the off-season. The inventory of empty rooms shoots up suddenly and you will generally find hotel managements bending over backwards to attract traffic. This is a great opportunity to get not only substantial discounts over standard rack rates, but to get a host of freebies like meals, phone and Internet access, parking, use of the gym, etc., that would have all perhaps cost extra during peak season. If an off-season vacation doesn’t appeal then avoiding the weekend at many destinations could be a good money-saver. If you are planning to visit Tadoba National Park then aim for a mid-week visit as it is easier to get accommodation in hotels in Tadoba. Make full use of specialized travel search engines to compare facilities and prices and then go in for hard personal bargaining.

Choose Your Hotel Location Sensibly

Every vacation spot has prime locations where the rates of hotels can be really steep. If you know the area and the distances involved to travel to the main attractions that are likely to keep your family engaged, then you could easily opt for a hotel that is off the prime location yet conveniently located. This will almost always enable you to save a packet. Even if you are unfamiliar with the territory, you can make use of the maps on travel sites to decide whether you like the hotel location or not. However, be warned that when selecting hotels that are a little far off you need to budget for additional transport costs.

Use the Loyalty Factor to Shave Off Costs

Whenever possible, stay at a hotel that you have used before as hotels generally offer great deals for repeat business that may include discounts, freebies or even room upgrades. You also get the benefit of better service from staff that is known to you. Staying at the same hotel also add to your loyalty points that come in very handy. If you are not a member of their loyally program, then make it a point to join as hotels extend a lot of benefits to members. Scan the facilities and offers extended by your credit card and find out vacation stay offers that you can use.

Take Advantage of Bundled Offers

Many travel websites make very cost-effective offers that bundle the airfares, hotel reservations and even car rentals. Make sure that your profile contains your rewards program details so that, you can cash in your reward points, that you have earned from your frequent flyer program, credit card, and car rental. Be sure to conduct extensive Internet comparisons for getting the best possible deal.

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