Paris Travel Tips- Ritzy Accommodations on a Budget

Paris Travel! Admittedly, you cannot have ritzy accommodations on a budget. (That was only used to get your attention) However, you can have comfortable accommodations even when you are counting euros with these practical Paris travel tips vis-à-vis getting a place to stay while in the City of Lights.

Visit during the Off-Season – Paris Travel

This advice is a no-brainer because indeed you can get lower hotel rates anywhere in the world when you visit during the off-season. You will also find shorter lines in the tourist attraction sites, better accommodations at more affordable prices and even cheaper airfares.

With that said, the best times to visit Paris budget-wise are during the months between November to April. Of course, you can also visit during spring for the city’s romantic ambience or during summer for the opportunity to see sexy Parisians cavorting on the beach. Most veteran foreign tourists who provide Paris travel tips to the naïve ones will tell you that it can be worth the higher price but you have to pay for it!

Also, it pays to do your research and book a room before you visit Paris. This way, you don’t have to trudge up and down the city looking for accommodations that will suit your budget. And with numerous online sites for hotels and hostels, you have no excuse either.

Skip Breakfast at the Hotel

Unlike London where the room rates include a big breakfast, Paris hotels operate differently. Simply put, breakfast in a Parisian hotel is an expensive add-on that will make you regret ever wanting to be pampered with a breakfast in bed!

The wisest Paris travel tips you will ever have accommodation-wise is to book a two- or three-star hotel without the frills, just the basic comfort and conveniences will do, and skipping the breakfast option. Instead, find a local bakery for your pastry at breakfast and dinner and then eating a big lunch in a reasonably-priced restaurant.

Book an Apartment

If you are with a large party, booking hotel rooms might not be the best option for you, budget-wise and room-wise. Instead, you must consider renting an apartment either within the city or in its suburbs for two reasons.

First, you will be spending for many rooms with basic features at an amount comparable to the rate of an apartment with more amenities like a mini-kitchen and a private bathroom, not to mention the general air of privacy. Second, average rooms in a Parisian hotel tend to be on the small side. (Don’t ask why. It just is, most of the time) Just imagine cramming yourselves into a small room and you have more reasons to take this most commonsensical of Paris travel tips.

Sleep on the Train

Now, if you are just visiting Paris for a day (such a shame) because you are on an extended tour of Europe, then sleeping on the train might be your practical option. For a fraction of the cost in staying in hotels, you can go to sleep in Paris and wake up in Rome.

Depending on the train accommodations you book – couchette, flip-down bunk, penthouse suite – you will have a comfortable place to spend the night. And as most Paris travel tips will tell you, always keep your valuables safe and lock your door, if there is one!

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