Oh Fudge – Another Hostile Takeover?!

Oh Fudge – Another Hostile Takeover?!

There are very few words in the English language that inspire as much disappointment, upset and dare we say anger, as the words “Hostile Takeover.”  Indeed, these two words can understandably lead to distrust, and make even the nicest of people bristly. Given that, it is certainly no wonder why some consumers may tend to avoid working with a Travel Professional. Indeed, if the consumer is an avid “do it yourselfer,” who enjoys putting together their own travel packages, then to use a Travel Professional may seem like a hostile takeover to them – where the travel consultant is doing nothing for them except taking away their pleasure and joy. We at Travel N Relax certainly understand this concern, and it is specifically for this reason that we base our business on what we call “client collaboration.” What is client collaboration? Quite simply it is bringing our clients into the travel planning process and connecting them with the suppliers so that it provides our guests with a more meaningful travel experience where they can become more connected with their travels. In this process it enables our guests to take part in more of the travel planning process with us! True travel advisors, we believe, should provide clarity, confidence and capability for our guests. Rather than the dates, rates and space business – which a client can find by themselves on any number of online booking engines – our job is to help filter through all of the slash-and-burn pricing, travel “deals,” offers and other “noise” that you will find in the online marketplace, and to offer you instead true transparency, absolute best value and unlimited variety. Additionally we provide our guests with the human connection to the suppliers that an individual cannot find on their own. That said, rather than a “Hostile Takeover” of the travel planning process, we in fact welcome our guest’s involvement in the process and encourage it! We believe that by participating with us in this process, the guest often feels more empowered and gains a richer travel experience then they could otherwise attain. On the flip side, we also realize that some do find it a hassle to do trip planning and for them we have you covered too! For you we are happy and able to do the whole process for you. Whatever you prefer, our desire is to offer you the most “Hassle Free” travel experience and to that end we will work with you to provide whatever level of trip planning you wish for us do. At Travel N Relax our one goal and our mission is to deliver memorable experiences to everyone who vacations with us. Client collaboration is just one step we take to make sure we accomplish this!

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