New Life for the Travel Professional?

New Life for the Travel Professional?

A trend that many industry experts have predicted for 2011 – a renewed interest and commitment to the travel agent community – seems to be emerging. Travel Agent Central Magazine reports that new research by Forrester Research, and others, show that consumers are increasingly likely to use travel professionals  “due to the complex travel website universe and a lack of perceived value from the online sites.” At the same time, travel and vacation suppliers are increasing and improving their relationships with travel professionals  by offering exclusive sales, and special marketing tools, which are available only to travel professionals. An example of this is when Southwest Airlines Vacations takes “ownership” of the homepage on Monday, Jan. 17th. Southwest Airlines Vacations will be featured exclusively on all versions of the homepage during the week of Jan. 17, 2011. “Southwest Airlines Vacations is committed to our professional travel partners,” said Rich Basen, vice president and general manager of Southwest Airlines Vacations. “We believe that these enhancements and our partnership with VAX VacationAccess will show our loyalty to our agency base and facilitate their long-term growth.” VAX VacationAccess, used by more than 100,000 leisure travel agents,  is the largest online distribution platform for leisure travel professionals and gives vacation suppliers a variety of ways to reach qualified travel agents. For the full story please see…

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