Why You Need a Travel Agent

Want to Know More About Why You Need a Travel Agent?

Why You Need a Travel AgentIn today’s world of easy online bookings one may wonder why you need a travel agent.

Oftentimes, through their connections with consortia and suppliers, the travel agent can receive a better price. This way, your travel agent can compile a vacation package which you can afford, rather then your spending a very long time on something that doesn’t even come near your budget. Contacting an American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) certified travel professional will allow you to have an enjoyable trip since they can work on your own agenda allowing you to have a wonderful time when traveling.

How to Get Started with a Travel Agent?

Now that you understand why you need a travel agent the next obvious question is how to get started with one.

Due to the changing payment structures of suppliers to agents over the last several years, most legitimate agents now receive payment with service charges as opposed to commissions. Often these charges will be applied via different levels of service packages which you select from depending on your travel needs.

While this might seem like a more expensive option for you in reality it is not, as your expenses are all presented up front vs. hidden or bundled into the price.

More frequently than not, you’ll discover that two different on-line travel agents are going to have the exact same ticket or travel package available at drastically different rates depending how they charge you.

Some travel agents may not charge a fee, and generally these are “Part Time” agents who work another job and sell travel on the side as a part time job or hobby.

When selecting a travel agent it is to your advantage to select a full time agent who generally will carry certifications and additional study certificates and can thus service you at a much higher level and with a better skill set.

This is particularly important if something does go wrong on your trip and you need a rescue. In this case, a higher skill level will always serve you better. Additionally, such a skill level will often save you from experiencing avoidable troubles in the first place.

The Reason Why You Need  a Travel Agent

Now that you understand the value of a skilled ASTA certified travel professional, it should be noted that such agents may work as as employees or as full time independent contractors.

Either way, such a professional will take the time to fully understand the customers’ needs and the desires for their trip. A great travel agent is always eager to go the additional mile for you, and will do everything to fulfill your travel requirements.

Such a travel professional will be clear to you from the certifications they can display.

At minimum you should ask to see their Certified Travel Associate certificate from the Travel Institute. Or, if they are a part of a team or office to see their associates certificate. Such a certificate represents that they have the “Bachelors” level of understanding on how to sell and service travel.

A true professional travel office will also have someone on staff who carries a Certified Travel Counselor certificate from the Travel Institute. This level of training demonstrates that they have a “Masters” level of training on how to sell and service travel.

A true ASTA certified travel professional will ask you certain in depth questions regarding your trip destination, the length of your stay, your general budget, etc. As an example, at Travel N Relax we use an intake process with an 8 page Travel Assessment questionnaire which allows us to fully understand you and your travel needs… plus… we do a 1 hour intake interview with each guest.

To demonstrate why you need a true travel agent professional, the agent will learn about your travel desires and destination wishes so that they can carefully craft the ideal vacation for you.

In addition to offering you the same, or often better price, in most (but not all) cases the professional agent will have the ability to provide you with added benefits.

Travel agents are extremely helpful when you’re attempting to put in a number of components into your trip. In these situations you you may want to check out a few of the very best travel agents online at ASTA’s website travelsense.org to find the best professional for you.

When you are spending your hard earned money and time on your once in a lifetime dream vacation, you obviously don’t want to settle for a business that doesn’t have sufficient experience or is a just opened shop that opened yesterday.

If you work with a true travel professional you obtain a great provider of knowledge, and even save money! In fact, a recent study by Carnival Cruise lines has shown that a professional travel agent can save you $452 and at least 4 hours of research time per trip!

Why You Need a Travel Agent Review

A professional ASTA travel agent acts as an advocate for those who want to travel, either for work or pleasure. He or she helps you in planning a great travel or tour at a value packed price. An excellent travel agent will make every effort possible effort to help you experience an enjoyable and a comfortable vacation, and assure that all elements of your trip from planning through the trip itself will be a relaxing and hassle free experience. As you can now see, there are many reasons why you need a travel agent!

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