At Travel N Relax we appreciate your business!

To us, you’re not just a client… You’re a VIP! To thank you, we have created an exclusive club which is open only to those who have previously booked with us. Upon completing your first vacation booked with us, you will receive your membership code offering you admission into our private TNR Club!

As a member you will receive a 5% Vacation Reward Discount on all future cruise, all inclusive resort and/or tour packages that you book with us. Additionally, As a TNR Club member, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. When you book a vacation with us, you will automatically be guaranteed the best vacation price for that package!
  2. You will receive an automatic subscription to our inside Newsletter filled with travel advice and tips from our Expert Travel Editors, and members-only travel deals!
  3. You will be eligible to earn TNR Reward Points to redeem for free rewards and travel prizes!

As a TNR Club member you can earn TNR Reward Points whenever you interact with the site – like writing cruise reviews, inviting friends, posting on forums, uploading photos/videos, participating in contests, etc. For example…

  1. Sign Up and become a Club member = 1000 TNR Reward points!
  2. Refer a friend who makes a travel booking with us = 800 TNR Reward points – rewarded after their travel is completed and payment from the supplier has been received.
  3. Submit a Destination review = 600 TNR Reward points per review
  4. Upload a photo or video = 500 TNR Reward points per each photo or video that we approve and use on our site.
  5. Refer a friend to our Website = 50 TNR Reward points – rewarded after they have registered on the site and their visit has been verified by Travel N Relax Inc.
  6. Post a Message in the Forum = 1 TNR Reward points per member posting!

You can then redeem these TNR Reward Points on our site for travel gifts, accessories, DVDs, and other great prizes!

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