Los Angeles – The City Of Angels

Los Angeles – The City Of Angels

In our last few posts we have been looking at the impacts of Hollywood on the State of Hawaii. Today we felt we would come back to the “Mainland” to visit the “Home of Hollywood” – Los Angeles. Los Angeles or “LA” for short is a magnificent family fun destination full of endless family adventures that can cover all spectrums of the budget. While most immediately consider LA to be a highly expensive place to visit, there are in fact many family suitable things to see in do in this amazing metropolis. Among these spots, Hollywood itself awaits the movie fanatic (and others with a love for film). Sid Grauman’s Chinese Theatre at Hollywood and Highland Boulevard’s is famous for both its architecture and the hand and footprints of star’s that reside in the sidewalk outside the door. Here too one will find Celebrity impersonators who prowl the sidewalk, posing for photos with the passers-by (for a small tip). Of course the world-famous Hollywood sign (originally built to advertise a new subdivision that was going to be built in that location) is also near by as are many famous movie studios such as the Walt Disney Studios (closed for tours) in nearby Burbank. Almost as much of an icon as Disneyland or the Hollywood sign are Los Angeles beaches. Each has its own character and personality so you will want to pick wisely to determine the best beach for you! When you are ready to get back to more culture Downtown Los Angeles is an often overlooked and underappreciated spot. Nowhere else in the metro area encompasses so many aspects of the city’s colorful history as downtown Los Angeles does. From the Asian feel of Chinatown and Little Tokyo to the Spanish history and culture of Olvera Street – El Pueblo de Los Angeles – where the city began in 1781, downtown LA is a mish mash of different cultures and flavors. As with most major cities LA also has an interesting Fashion and Theater district as well as a quality open air market. Children will enjoy the Angels Flight which is billed as the as the “shortest railroad in the world!” Also in this area is the Los Angeles City Hall famous for its roles as the Daily Planet on the Superman television series and the location of Joe Friday’s office on Dragnet. Those with an interest in History and nature will enjoy the La Brea Tar Pits that offers a fascinating look at life in Los Angeles before the people moved in. The still-oozing tar pits have trapped and preserved a mind-boggling array of creatures over the past 30,000 years, including woolly mammoths, dire wolves and sabre-toothed cats. As might be expected in a city of about 3,792,621 this listing only very lightly skims the surface of all that there is to see and do in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Of course the city also offers the world famous theme parks, multiple National Recreation areas and nearby national parks, historic areas and really pretty much whatever else your personal interest might be from “A” – Aquarium of the Pacific – to “Z” – Zuma Beach! Suffice to say Los Angeles truly makes up one of the best family friendly vacation destinations the United States has to offer you and we encourage you to visit and experience it.

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