Looking For The Best Price? Beware Advertising!

Looking For The Best Price? Beware Advertising!

I was watching a television commercial this morning for an airline that has aggressively promoted itself as being a price leader that offers “legendary low fares.” As a company that truly seeks the absolute best values for our Guests Travel N Relax decided to run a price test on this “Leader” and see just how well they performed against other air carriers. For our test we opted to pick a roundtrip from Denver to Orlando Florida with a departure from Denver November 5th and a return on November 11th. We opted not to worry too much about departure times choosing instead to pick the lowest fares possible (which by coincidence also offered reasonable daylight departures – no red eye flights for us!).  We also were open to accept one connection if that meant a lower fare. Our price leader did require a connection and came out at price of $336.50 for the one adult we priced. Besides this we also priced five other well known carriers – including a major mainline carrier which came out the lowest at $326.80. A second major carrier came out slightly higher at $328.39. That left our “Price Leader” at number three when it came to pricing. Not bad, but certainly not what the advertising would have had you believe with them. (With our consolidator air pricing that we have access to we were actually able to get even lower pricing on other mainline carriers – putting the “Price Leader” even lower down the list.) For Travel N Relax truth in advertising is critical to us and in this case the “Price Leader” let us down. To the average consumer who has been trained to believe this carrier always offers the best pricing, they would in fact have paid more than if they had taken similar flights on two of the other carriers (both very well known major names in the industry). One of our major jobs as your travel advocate is to make sure that you get the best value and pricing available for your travel. To that end we always run fact vs. fiction comparisons such as this to assure that you are in fact getting the best pricing. In this case, had you taken the advertising at its word you would have missed out and would have paid more. If you’re truly looking for the absolute best pricing and value – and in this day and age who isn’t – then you need to have a solid travel professional in your corner truly watching out for your best interests. That said, if you do opt to go it alone we do encourage you to seriously take the time to evaluate the pricing on all of your options for each of your suppliers. Doing so can save you significant costs as advertising is not always what it claims – as has been seen in this example.

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on Sep 19, 2011

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