Labor Day Predictions – Fact or Fiction?

Labor Day Predictions – Fact or Fiction?

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In recent days the great online travel agency oracles have all been presenting their “definitive” predictions as to the top Labor Day destinations for 2013. Each reveals that their list presents the top 10 spots travelers are headed for over the holiday. Our local television station recently presented the list from Orbitz who advises that the top 10 destinations are: 1. Las Vegas 2. New York 3. Chicago 4. Cancun 5. San Francisco 6. San Diego 7. Seattle 8. Atlanta 9. New Orleans 10. Boston and Hawaii (tie) A similar list from Travelocity, was presented on the website ‘Travelers Today, ‘and their definitive listing of the top 10 spots show: 1. New York City 2. Denver 3. Seattle 4. Los Angeles 5. Chicago 6. Orlando 7. San Francisco 8. South Florida 9. Boston 10. Las Vegas What we found particularly interesting as we reviewed these lists was that Las Vegas either ranks #1 OR #10 depending on which source you reference to. Additionally the two lists have 4 cities completely unique to them which the other does not show in the rankings at all. If these truly are the top spots people are travelling to would you not think the cities, and rank listings, should be the same? Based on this, the astute observer is left to question – where are the top 10 destinations for Labor Day? Are they in the list Orbitz presents, the list Travelocity presents or are they completely different from what either lists presents? So how does this affect you? Only to understand that no one source can truly present an accurate picture of top destinations. The listings, as you can see above, will differ depending on who the presenter is. For you the traveler, the only real place of real significance and / or importance is the destination where YOU wish to go! Rather than trying to determine where the “crowd” may (or may not) be headed determine where YOU want to go and then head off with confidence to that spot! This will assure your maximum vacation happiness. Wherever that destination may be, whether it’s on one of the two lists or not, Travel N Relax is ready to help you get there. Additionally, as an added benefit, rather than delegate you to a world of online booking engines and call center representatives (if something does go wrong) we offer you a personal representative to take care of your travel needs from the start of planning thru the time you get home! This allows you to skip the frustrations and time consumption of self booked travel and instead truly Travel N Relax… all at wallet friendly, value packed pricing! As for the two different lists…If we have to pick one of them as Aurora Colorado residents we’ll cheer for our home team and pick the Travelocity list simply because they list our Denver Metro area as #2! Rah, Rah, Go Colorado!

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