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Key Pieces of Knowledge Regarding a Travel Agent

With the debut of the world-wide web, a customer’s approach to the travel market has undergone a drastic shift. Many wonder why they need a travel agent to assist them.

While it is true that Do-It-Yourselfers and budget travelers looking for the cheapest vacation are better staying with the internet, others looking for a high-quality problem free, value driven vacation will find great benefit working with a true travel professional.

An excellent travel agent will make every possible effort to assist you in creating an enjoyable and cozy vacation that provides you with added elements you will not find on your own, all at a value driven price that will make you go Wow!

In fact, quality travel professionals believe that it is essential for you to get the best trip product without busting your budget.

So valuable are true travel agent professionals that many country and city destination tourist offices  now employ the help of specialist travel agents who possess a wonderful understanding of the neighborhood conditions and expertise of the destination to organize your tour in the very best and most value driven way.

These tourist offices understand that a travel agent possessing a solid understanding of the destination can offer you higher level of trip experience to their destination than one can put together on their own.

How to Get Started with Travel Agent?

So when you discover that you have always wished to have a visit to an incredible city or destination (and trust me, it genuinely is at least as beautiful as advertised), a travel agent professional will be your best place to start.

The first thing to look for when looking for a travel professional is to check out their licenses and registrations to make sure your travel agent is properly registered with its local government authorities.

In today’s world where any hobbyist can just label themselves as a travel “expert” and begin serving you, checking that they have their necessary registrations and licenses is critical.

Not having a necessary license or registration can cost the “Agent” fines (and in some cases close them down) and can cost you hundreds or thousands in lost funds as your travel dreams go down the drain.

Many stories have been told of consumers who have paid a “travel agent” only to have the “agency” close and all of their funds lost. Make sure the next consumer in this story line is not you by checking that the travel agent you are considering has all of the necessary government  licenses and registrations to operate. A true travel agent professional will not hesitate to show you their licenses and registrations when asked.

Next it is important to ask about the education of the travel agent and to discover what certifications they carry. A quality travel agent will have at least a CTA (Certified Travel Associate) designation if not the higher-level CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) designation. Travel agents who work with cruises should also be working towards their ACC (Accredited Cruise Counselor) designation or higher.

If your travels focus on a unique specialty such as a Disney vacation or destination wedding or honeymoon, working with a travel agent who is a specialist in your niche area can also be beneficial. Such an agent will have special knowledge in how to service your unique travel niche.

Things You Should Know About Travel Agent

In closing, working with a licensed and certified travel agent professional will add valuable benefits to your trip. In addition to creating for you a high-quality value driven vacation, a true travel agent professional will be able to use their knowledge and expertise to customize the vacation to your specific needs and personality.

When your travel needs call for a true professional Travel N Relax is ready to service you. As an American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) member agent, all of our travel agents are CTA (or higher) certified and we are fully registered and licensed with our state and local authorities.

When you are looking for an extra special trip, at value based prices give us a call at 303.317.6945. Our certified travel agents will be happy to help you create the trip of your dreams!

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