How to Experience Better Travel by Pursuing Value

How to Experience Better Travel by Pursuing Value

Value Scale   When we work with our company’s guests, we often hear that they are seeking the “Lowest Price” for their travels.   However upon probing further, and asking multiple questions that allow us to discover their real needs, it is soon discovered that “price” really is never the issue at all. Rather what is really being sought after is the best “Value.”   To use an example, if price were the most important thing in a purchasing decision, Starbucks would never sell a cup of coffee. Obviously there are much lower priced cups of coffee available to you. What   people want is real value – they just incorrectly phrase the discussion in terms of price.   As valuable as it is in many other ways, the internet has turned us into a nation of cynics: we know the price of everything but the value of nothing.   That said, what is “Value?” In the travel world, value is pulling together an itinerary and travel components that first and foremost fulfill the client’s travel ambitions and needs.   As an example, if your desire is to stay at that romantic beach side resort that features the miles of pure white powder sand, dotted with palms facing the turquoise waters of the Gulf, that resort becomes your desire.   As such, if your travel provider then came back and offered to you instead the shabby room a few blocks away from the beach simply because it was the “Lowest Price” our guess is that you would reject it. It does not meet your ambitions, desires or your needs.   Rather a quality travel advisor will, through the questions they have asked of you, and by taking clues from your past travel accommodations, budgets and comments; learn of your needs and desires. Armed with that information they can then go out and bring back to you real value that will not only satisfy your desires, but also be price sensitive to your needs.   As you can see, by going after “Value” instead of just “Price” you end up with a much better overall travel experience that still keeps your budget needs in mind!   By understanding how value affects your vacation travel, you soon discover that in every well planned instance it is worth far more than simply the price paid.   At Travel N Relax, our goal is always to bring you the best overall value for your trip that will enhance your travel experience, while being conscious of your budget needs. In this way we make remarkable dream vacations a reality!

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