How Can You Service Me? Travel Agencies Are All Extinct!

How Can You Service Me? Travel Agencies Are All Extinct!

I read a very interesting blog post this morning, from the CEO of a well-known Colorado based Graphic and Website Development and Marketing Company.  In his post, this executive, attempted to make the case that “We are witnessing the extinction of previously successful business models. Some of the more obvious examples include: 1.Travel Agencies…” The author then continued to attempt to illustrate that “The previous examples of businesses listed in this article, all failed to materially change over time. This allowed them to be overtaken by someone who was able to offer similar services in a new and better way. This made them extinct.” As the owner of a successful Travel Agency, whose revenue has in fact gone UP over the last few years, this author’s logic seemed somehow flawed to me and quite truthfully confused me. Further, as a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Rocky Mountain regional chapter Board of Directors, I am also aware of many other agencies that are also doing exceptionally well. Some well above the $100,000 + range. Because of these facts, I had to question if perhaps I myself may have somehow been wrong in my perceptions, and perhaps this ‘outside of the industry’ author might be correct in his blanket assessment that all Travel Agencies are now extinct. Perhaps my agency, Travel N Relax was simply a vivid figment of my own imagination and in fact had died years ago, as this author tried to make his readers believe that all agencies had (in his multiple statements that ALL Travel Agencies were now extinct). Could this be true? Ironically, after reading the above mentioned blog, I then went for a late breakfast and opted to look at two past issues of the Denver Business Journal which I had not yet read. In one, dated February 10 – 16, 2012, they show a list of “Colorado Based Franchisers – Ranked by number of units in operation as of Dec 1, 2011.”  Interestingly # 16 on that list was in fact a Travel Agency – with 121 different locations! Making this discovery even more interesting was the fact that this company had not even made this list the previous year.  Thus seeming to indicate that they were doing better now than in the past year.  For an industry that had died and was now “Extinct” these numbers and facts seemed to paint a very healthy industry vs. a dead one. In the second Business Journal, dated Feb 17 -23, 2012, was list of “Denver Area Travel Agencies – Ranked by Sales Volume generated only by Denver –Area Operations.” Of the eleven travel agencies shown, sales ranked from $287,000,000 in 2011 (up from $240,000,000 for this agency in 2010) to $2,000,000 as the low-end figure of the eleven agencies listed. Most of the agencies listed showed very healthy gains in year over year figures. Two of these eleven agencies only do 100% leisure travel and they showed sales figures of $20,430,200 and $2,000,000 respectively. The other agencies listed were a mix of business and leisure. Again for an “Extinct” industry, these numbers seemed pretty healthy to me. Given that the Denver Business Journals “Book of Lists” shows the Website Development and Marketing Companies (who wrote the blog stating that All Travel Agencies are extinct) 2010 revenues at a mere $1,548,952 (lower than the # 11 Travel Agency listed above) one has to seriously wonder exactly whose business might be going the way of the Wooly Mammoth that the CEO pictured in his blog post to illustrate just how dead and extinct travel agencies supposedly are. While we have looked here only at Denver , Colorado area numbers, similar Travel Agency success stories can be found across the nation. Perhaps it is for this reason that more and more national media articles have been coming out recently expressing the value of working with true ASTA Travel Agency Professionals. (One example of such an article you can review by clicking ….. Here . Rather than just blindly throwing his dirt onto the Travel Agency industry and burying us into the supposed grave site that this CEO has us resting in, perhaps he should take another look at the Travel Agency Industry to discover what in fact the truth is. Instead of the extinct Wooly Mammoth which he has self-declared us as, what he will find is a surprisingly healthy Travel Agency industry that better represents the legendary Phoenix which we have pictured (above in this post). Indeed, despite what such nay sayers as this CEO might express, be assured that the quality level Travel Agencies are still around – and will be for some time to come. Far from being dead, buried and “Extinct,” we are alive and well and looking forward to providing you with the high quality service that we always have offered to you.

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