Haunted Colorado -The Stanley Hotel

Haunted Colorado -The Stanley Hotel

This is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Co. I...

For Health and Wellness destinations nothing quite beats “Colorful Colorado!” From the Arikaree River near Yuma at 3,315 feet (the states lowest point) to 14,433 foot Mount Elbert (the state’s highest point) recreational opportunities abound.

One of our favorite spots is Estes Park (Aka “Estes”) and its world famous Rocky Mountain National Park. Close to Denver, you feel a world away in this magical mountain destination offering exceptional hiking and snowshoeing opportunities. Wildlife, particularly Elk, abound making this destination all the more unique. At this time of the year no visit to Estes is complete without a stop at the elegant Stanley Hotel. Completed in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley (inventor of the Stanley Steamer automobile), this 138-guest room hotel in the Colorado Rockies is well known as the inspiration for Stephen King’s book The Shining, which he wrote after staying at The Stanley, in room 217. Several spooky phenomena have been reported throughout the hotel including: •    The ghosts of Freelan Stanley and his wife Flora have been seen dressed in formal attire on the main staircase and in other public areas, such as the lobby and the billiard room. •    Mr. Stanley has also been spotted in the administration offices, perhaps to keep an eye on the hotel’s books. Meanwhile Flora’s piano playing occasionally echoes in the ballroom. •    Disembodied voices and phantom footsteps have been heard in the hallways and rooms. •    Staff and visitors have reported unseen hands yanking at their clothing. •    More than one guest has said they have awakened to find their blankets taken from their beds and neatly folded. •    The Earl of Dunraven, who owned the land prior to the Stanley’s, is said to haunt room 407, where the aroma of his cherry pipe tobacco still can be smelled. A ghostly face has also been reported peering out of the room’s window when it was not occupied. •    Room 217, where Stephen King stayed, was the site of a tragic accident in 1911: housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson was nearly killed by a gas leak explosion. Since her death in the 1950s, strange, unexplained activity is said to take place in that room, including doors opening and closing, and lights switching on and off by themselves. It has also been reported that she might take special care of people that stay in 217. Sometimes guests staying that room encounter extra housekeeping services, including having their things put away or unpacked. •    Room 418 is the most haunted room, according to hotel staff, apparently by the ghosts of children. Guests who stay there say phantom children can be heard playing in the hallways at night. One couple complained that the noisy children kept them up all night, although there were no children staying at the hotel at the time. Impressions of bodies have been found on the bed when the room has been unoccupied. •    The ghost of a small child who calls out to his nanny has been spotted on several occasions on the second floor — including by Stephen King. Today, the elegant hotel is a destination for ghost hunters; and a very popular ghost tour is offered. During the tour you may meet spirits Lucy, Edward and Paul, who communicate through divining rods and spooky EMF vocal recorders. Take tons of flash photos and see orbs appear in your shots (spirits!).  Most “activity” takes place between 2 and 4 am- “the witching hours.” Therefore, you may want to consider the 1 AM tour – although there is an earlier tour if traipsing around a dark hotel in the middle of the night is not your thing! This tour does sell out quickly so advance reservations should be booked at least a week or two in advance of your stay to make sure you can join the tour. If you would like to communicate more directly with a ghost, a reading with Madame Vera can reconnect you with your lost loved ones and provide answers for your career, love life, business, family and the unexplainable! For those who love things that go “BOO!” in the night, and are unable to make it to the hotel for Halloween, be assured that the Stanley is a year round destination where haunted happenings may, and often do occur year round. Also take comfort in knowing that only “Happy” ghosts reside at the Stanley and there have never been any reports of sinister or evil events happening here. With our connection with Travel Leaders (with over $16 billion in purchasing power) and American Express Travel N Relax can offer room rates at the Stanley and other Colorado hotels lower then is available direct from the hotel or elsewhere. Give us a call today and let us make your mountain experience at the Stanley a Spooktacular getaway!

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