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The famous tourist destination Berlin

Berlin is known for many unique architecture, impressive so there’s no excuse for you not to come here to explore the tourist destinations most famous Berlin.


When traveling to Berlin, visitors should not overlook the most unique structures Berlin, the Reichstag government building which housed the important departments of Germany. Here visitors not only visit one of the most beautiful works in Germany, but also can save the photo as a souvenir impressed by the dome of the Reichstag visitors can see the part of the hilarious fast of people on the streets of Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate

If you went to Berlin to visit the Reichstag, the visitors should not overlook the Brandenburg Gate, a famous tourist destination – a historic record time stamp was built in 1791. With its unique structure and patterns, motifs are decorated with care, meticulous in port pins, this will be a great tourist attraction for lovers of historical monuments.

Fernsehturm – Berlin TV Tower

At a height of 368m, the Berlin TV tower is the tallest tower Berlin today. Standing at the top, visitors can cover the whole landscape of the romantic city of Berlin and see the hustle in Berlin. Though built in 1960 but well-preserved thanks to Fernsehturm remains a safe destination and fun for all visitors.


Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most beautiful squares in the city of Berlin, in the heart of the city, here are the exclusive shopping street sells most famous fashion brands and unique. Guests can choose items “toxic” can not find where on the street.


Not known for its unique architecture or beautiful scenic famous Kurfürstendamm with high fashion brands with hundreds of shops located on the city and the zoo with hundreds of animals are living – are considered the oldest zoos in Germany. Just as the destination to visit both shopping paradise in Berlin.

Berlin Cathedral

With the unique architecture of 19th century architecture, this church to Berlin remains magnificent beauty, with decorative motifs pattern fussy, magnificent dome – a symbol for centuries of architecture 19 and become one of the tourist destinations most attractive Berlin. If you have booked flights to go to Berlin tourist attractions that ignore this will be a big regret for your trip.

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