Detailed Notes on How to Maximize Your Disney Travel

The Walt Disney World Resort

Disney travelIn regards to Orlando there is but one place which everyone would love to visit. The Walt Disney World Resort! For those who love Disney Travel, Walt Disney World is truly a favored destination.

This 43 square mile resort complex (an area twice the size of Manhattan Island or about the size of the city of San Francisco) has no off seasons per se, but should you do some research, you can discover some lower attendance periods when the attraction offers slightly fewer crowds.

In addition to the four theme parks Disney offers the Florida complex also provides multiple water parks and many other recreational activities to partake in. Disney Springs shopping and dining complex is an essential stop to go to if you are searching for great food and an enjoyable atmosphere.

Due to the size of the park you can’t possibly cover everything, so think about this as your very first visit to Disney, not your last.

Walt Disney World Resort is truly… The Vacation Kingdom of the World!

Disney Travel Destinations – Global Disney Parks

For those not interested in visiting Florida but still desire a Disney travel experience many other options exist for you.

In California, Walt Disney’s original park, Disneyland, waits to welcome you to with two theme parks and multiple hotels on its 85 acres.

Known as the…Happiest Place on Earth… this resort complex offers the original Magic Kingdom (which opened in July 1955) and Disney’s California Adventure Park. Downtown Disney offers shopping and dining opportunities.

Just outside Paris France, Disneyland Paris..Where the Magic Lives… sits 19 miles outside the city center and offers the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney Studios Park. This European Disney travel option offers seven Disney owned properties and several partner hotels that sit on the 4,800 acre site. Like the other parks Disney Village offers restaurants, entertainment venues, and shops. An onsite rail station can whisk you into Paris for a day trip or to other parts of Europe.

In Asia multiple Disney travel options exist. These parks include:

Tokyo Disneyland…The Kingdom of Dreams and Magic… sits on 115 acres and offers the Magic Kingdom and Tokyo DisneySea – a park the combines traditional attractions with water themed attractions. Four Disney Hotels and multiple Partner hotels also sit on the complex. This was Disney’s first international theme park.

Outside Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland sits on 123 acres on Lantau Island. Consisting of just the Magic Kingdom and two Disney Hotels a unique element of this park is to avoid problems of cultural backlash, Disney incorporated Chinese culture, customs, and traditions when designing and building the resort, including adherence to the rules of feng shui. As an example, a bend was put in a walkway near the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort entrance so good qi energy wouldn’t flow into the South China Sea.

When Disney travel takes you to China you can experience Disney’s newest park – Shanghai Disney Resort. This park which opened in June 2016. This park on 963 acres features features Shanghai Disneyland Park, an entertainment district, two themed hotels, recreational facilities, and a lake and Wishing Star Park which serves as a natural Garden. Designed as a park that would be “authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese,” additional phases will see the development of two additional theme parks at the resort. The parks Storybook Castle is the largest Disney castle in all of the theme parks.

Disney Travel Destinations – Disney Cruise

Those who prefer Disney travel by sea will find enjoyment on a Disney Cruise which offers sailings in nine destinations around the world. Ranging from short 3 day sailings all the way to sailings of 14 days or more Disney Cruise Lines can offer traditional or holiday themed sailings.

Disney Travel Destinations – Adventures By Disney

Additional Disney travel options can also be had by land tours with Disney’s Adventures By Disney tour company. These guided trips range in duration from four to 12 days in destinations around world. Each trip offers exclusive activities that will connect you to the part of the world you are visiting. From Dog sledding in Alaska to river cruising in Europe to trekking in South America and Adventures By Disney tour can provide a whole new way to experience Disney travel.

The Disney Travel Cover Up

Just like any travel insurance policy program, the Disney insurance program has relatively standard restrictions and exclusions that a traveler should know of and follow to generate a claim. Without this knowledge if your Disney travel needs to be cancelled or postponed you could be in for quite a bit of cost penalties you could have otherwise avoided.

Thee Secret to Successful Disney Travel

As you can see, Disney Travel requires a lot of pre-planning so you can get the most out of your time. You should carefully plan your Disney trip using all the insider tools, advice, and information you have access to so that your Disney travel experience will be exceptional.

Because of the vast size and complexity of the global Disney parks, and the complexity involved in a Disney Cruise, Adventures by Disney Package or just understanding the Disney travel insurance policy, it is always wise to work with somebody who knows Disney at an expert level and can guide you to your best options whether that be within the world of Disney theme parks or another Disney travel option.

As just one example, with the theme parks do you know the multiple ways to save some cost on your Disney Park tickets. Some of these include longer length of stay, looking at particular days of the week or time of the year, and combining certain add ons onto your ticket. Multiple other ways exist as well.
As an American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) certified travel agency, Travel N Relax offers a great deal of services like consultation, ticketing, bookings, insurance offerings, visa procurement, etc. As an authorized Disney Travel vacation planner our agency can also offer value packed all inclusive Disney vacations to you and show use our know how to attain the ticket and Disney travel values available to you.

As the travel market has been fraught in the past few years with agencies which take the customer’s money and then go bankrupt, taking your cash with them it is critical that you seek out an ASTA travel agency for your trips as that will provide you with a level of security other Disney travel agencies will not have.

For those unfamiliar with a travel agent, a travel agent acts to be an auxiliary for people that want to travel, either for work or pleasure. A superior travel agent will make every effort possible to help you experience an enjoyable, relaxing and stress free vacation. A superior travel agent will get to know you, and your Disney travel needs in depth asking you certain questions regarding your trip destination, the length of your stay, your general budget, etc.

In case you have never employed a travel agent before, the procedure is extremely easy and enjoyable. Disney travel agents continue to be invaluable because of the fact they give you detailed guidance on specific elements of your Disney travel land vacation or Disney cruise. They will do all of the hard work, while you enjoy the benefits!
Regardless if you work with a certified Disney Travel Professional, or self book, the key in all Disney travel is to enjoy your experience both before, and after, your travels.

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