Why Planning Travel Now is Critical to Your Destination Wedding and Family Travel Needs

As a travel consultancy that has always been focused on family travel and destination wedding and romance travel, our passion through the years has always been on helping you travel well and to help you maximize your travel experiences.  

Although we are only halfway through it, the challenges of 2020 have given all of us more than enough reasons not to travel. However, we know from multiple past articles that have been published on both family travel and destination wedding and honeymoon travel, that travel is always beneficial to both families and relationships.  

This year, with the stresses we have all faced both individually and collectively, planning a future escape from home could well be critical to both your marriage and your family.  

While there are many imperative reasons to be traveling in 2020 and beyond here are just a few of the key reasons why planning family travel and destination wedding and romance travel now is critical. 

Travel helps your mental health 

Have you perhaps noticed recently that your patience is a little bit shorter and your temper perhaps a little bit hotter? Numerous pre-COVID studies have shown that family travel and destination wedding, honeymoon, and romance travel is critical to your health. Months of lockdowns at home have been beyond stressful for all of us and your brain needs a break from the day to day pattern it’s been stuck in! 

Travel Frees You from the News 

Let’s face it, the mainstream media thrives on presenting the most negative news stories it can. Everywhere we look there is hate speech and stories that divide us and make us anything but a “United” people. The last 7 months have been exhausting. When you’re in the middle of a great family vacation or a destination wedding, honeymoon or romance trip it’s hard to keep up with the news. In a year that has been overloaded with negative press, getting away from the news for a period is critical to your family and relationship. 

Travel Restores the Soul 

While looking out of our windows for months may be fun after we have fully cleaned the house for the hundredth time, let’s confess that there are new horizons that we all likely wish to explore. After being surrounded by bad negativity, escaping to new places helps ground us and remind us that positive experiences and places do still exist in this world. This discovery can refresh us and allow our family travel and destination wedding and honeymoon travel to connect us with our loved ones in deeper ways.  

Travel Makes Positive Memories 

If nothing else, 2020 has, for all of us, created a sea of memories that we will live with for our lifetimes. Unfortunately, most of our 2020 memories will be bad ones. Travelling on a family vacation or destination wedding, honeymoon or romance trip can allow us to start gaining new positive memories that can replace the negative memories of 2020.  

Travel Fosters Relationships 

Over the last several months all of us have become masters of MS Teams, Messenger and Zoom. Unfortunately, these platforms are not the best in building true relationships. On the other hand, when you enjoy a high-quality family trip, or a love filled destination wedding, honeymoon or romance travel trip relationships can both bud and grow. The shared memories that a quality trip can provide offer the opportunity to develop new deeper levels of relationships that will benefit all travelers. Through travel we can become better connected to those we love.  

Yet most of all…. 

Travel is Worth the Potential Hazards 

One of the only known elements in life is that real safety does not exist outside of our homes, and even there unexpected surprises can occur. One of the cornerstones that Travel N Relax has built our family travel and destination wedding, honeymoon and romance travel business upon is keeping you safe and secure and assuring that you have no surprises during your trip. These elements of safety and security will always remain vital to us long after the challenges of our current world have passed.  With that understanding, even though travel to certain places at this moment in time may not be wise now is the ideal time to start planning that future family travel, destination wedding, honeymoon or romance trip you dream of! Every day we are surrounded by potential hazards like driving so we recognize that the best things in life always comes with some level of danger involved. Yet, we have seen just from this limited list of the benefits of travel that the rich rewards that travel can provide far outweigh the potential dangers travel may have.  

At Travel N Relax we recognize that each of us will feel safe venturing out at different times and that’s perfectly understandable and fine. We only present here some of the reasons travel why remains critical for you. With that understanding, you can be assured that whenever you feel safe and ready to travel again the family travel and destination wedding, honeymoon, and romance travel specialists at Travel N Relax will be standing by ready to serve you! We look forward to your contact and helping you plan your next escape to experience for yourself the many benefits that travel can provide you! 

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Activities to Beat the Coronavirus Doldrums

Many governors are informing citizens to hunker down and stay in their homes for the next few weeks to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, and as a result, people are starting to get antsy. Since most businesses are shut down, we can’t go to the movies, mini golf courses, and other fun areas to pass the time and enjoy each other’s company.

However, there are still plenty of places that are secluded and enjoyable to visit to beat the Coronavirus doldrums while getting healthy exercise (other than curling the TV remote).

  • Go for a hike: It’s a quick and easy way to get fresh air and practice social distancing.
  • Head to the beach: Some beaches have closed down parking, but you can still visit them to enjoy the soothing sounds of water lapping on the shore.
  • Go for an adventure in the woods: You likely won’t run into anyone in the woods, besides some critters. Bring a camera!
  • Ride bikes: This is an easy way to explore your area while getting some great exercise.
  • Rent a canoe: Who says you need to stay land locked? Head out onto the waters for a bit of sport.
  • Go rafting: This is next level from renting a canoe. Get ready!
  • Drive around: Gas prices are down since no one is really traveling, might as well enjoy a peaceful drive to see some far off sights!

There are still plenty of activities to keep your mind and body sharp while in quarantine. Feel free to reach out to us for any additional ideas!

3 Amazing Places You Need to Visit in 2020

2020! Somehow that number brings an extra amount of renewed excitement this year, not just for the New Year that it marks, but also for the new decade that it is ushering in for us!

As always at this time of year when the calendar page turns, we tend to look ahead with renewed hope and excitement at the possibilities the New Year may bring. In this process we also set our New Year resolutions and plan our travel adventures for the year ahead.

With that understanding, now is the ideal time to pause and consider some of the travel destinations you may want to visit now before they get discovered by the masses and become packed with tourists.

Travel​ N Relax has done some extensive research on what the top destinations for 2020 will be and to discover those places where most travelers are hoping to go.

With that knowledge, the Travel N Relax team has then honed in further to find the 30 most remarkable travel destinations that are up and coming, but not yet on peoples radars to the extent that they have thus far become overcrowded and unpleasant to visit.

Here we present (in no particular order) 3 of those places that are perfect for you to visit now!

1. Discover the Perfect Uruguay Vacation

When planning a trip to South America many destinations pop into mind. Among these are Brazil, Peru, Chile, the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador and Argentina among others. While each of these well known spots do have their own particular charm, and are certainly worth seeing, Uruguay thus far remains a hidden spot in South America.

Known for its verdant interior and beach-lined coast, Uruguay is a hidden treasure that sits on the South Atlantic between Argentina and Brazil. It’s capital Montevideo is a fascinating city that offers art deco buildings, colonial homes and Mercado del Puerto, an old port market along with La Rambla, a waterfront promenade.

Whether you choose the excitement of the city, the relaxation of a beach town or the gaucho (cowboy) lifestyle of the countryside, Uruguay offers many delightful surprises without the crowds and rush of the other well known South American destinations. Our professional certified Travel N Relax travel advisers can help you discover the best Uruguay travel experiences perfect for you!

2. Enjoy a Nature filled Costa Rica Vacation

Probably the most well known out of the 30 travel destinations, Costa Rica thus far remains a Central America gem not yet overrun with tourism. However as the secrets of this destination become better known Costa Rica is sure to become a tourism hotbed in the not too distant future.

Known for its beaches, volcanoes, rain-forests and birds and wildlife, Costa Rica an incredibly diverse country in regard to the things there are see and do. The nations capital San Jose is home to many cultural institutions like the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum.

When you combine the nations many sights to see, its diverse wildlife and the incredibly friendly population it is no surprise that once you have discovered the charms of Costa Rica it is very likely that you will go back! To most effectively discover all that Costa Rica has to see and do our Travel N Relax Costa Rica travel adviser experts can utilize their knowledge and inside connections to create an amazing Costa Rica vacation for you!

3. Discover History on Your San Marino Vacation

Every year thousands travel to Italy to discover all of the wonders that Italy has to offer. One surprise that many miss is San Marino – a scenic and mountainous microstate that is completely surrounded by north-central Italy.

Only 24 square miles in size, San Marino is one of only three countries in the world to be completely surrounded by another country. Founded in A.D. 301 San Marino is a nation with a very rich history and retains much of its historic architecture within its medieval walled old town with its narrow cobblestone streets.

Just 3 hours east of Florence or 3 hours south of Venice San Marino is definitely a must see destination on any real tour to Italy. Yet many don’t even know of this place and thus miss it completely.

Our Travel N Relax Italy travel adviser experts know all of the secrets of Italy and it’s surrounding regions so, like San Marino, you won’t return home only to learn that you have missed a highlight that was right there in front of you!

How to Attain your Perfect 2020 Travel Vacation

Whether you decide to travel to one of these 3 destinations in 2020 or not, Travel N Relax hopes you will find time in the year ahead to discover some new destinations to visit and make it your New Year’s resolution to do so.

The world is full of interesting places to visit, and these 3 destinations truly only skim the surface of the remarkable travel destinations that Travel N Relax can recommend to you based on your own unique interests. Let us utilize our many years of travel know how and knowledge, combined with the travel tools and inside resources we have available to us, to put together an amazing fully customized trip for you!

At Travel N Relax, we take pride in truly taking care of all the details so that you can simply Travel N Relax!

Give us a call today at 303.317.6945 or contact us by email at Info@TravelnRelax.com to discover the Travel N Relax difference! We look forward to serving you and making your vacation truly magical!

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Lessons From a Carnival Cruise Ship

For those who follow Travel N Relax on our Facebook site, you will know that we just returned from a fabulous Panama Canal cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas.

During that trip we took an all ship tour which led us to many of the behind the scenes spots that one often will not see on a cruise ship. One of the stops we made was on the bridge, where the official displayed to us the ship navigation systems and advised us on how the bridge crew navigates around other cruise ships.

Given the current affairs of the day, it now seems almost prophetic looking back that one of the statements that this official jokingly made was that “…when navigating around other ships we generally try to stay about 3 miles away. However, if it’s a Carnival ship we then try to double that and stay at least 6 miles away.”

Cruise Ship Accident in Cozumel

As you have likely seen from your online news sources, and other news outlets, there was an incident the other day in Cozumel Mexico where the Carnival Glory slammed into the Carnival Legend while the Glory was steering to dock. In this process, the back end of the Glory slammed into the Legends nose thus slicing through the back of the Glory, where the ship’s Platinum Restaurant sits, and resulting in six passengers sustaining minor injuries. Thankfully, the Glory narrowly missed also hitting Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas which was also docked nearby at the same time.

Cause and Effect of the Mexico Cruise Ship Accident

While an investigation into the cause of the accident is currently taking place, Carnival’s official statement is blaming “spontaneous wind gusts and strong currents,” as being the reason for the accident.

After assessing the damage on both ships Carnival also believes that “there are no issues that impact the seaworthiness of either ship.” As such Carnival advised its guests to enjoy their day in Cozumel and both ships continued on their normal itineraries as if no incident had ever even occurred.

Carnival has also announced that rather than fix the gaping hole now in the back of the Glory the ship will have no down time and will just continue to sail the normal holiday sailings in the weeks ahead.

Is a Cruise Vacation Safe?

To the regular consumer following this news story, this story may cause questions regarding the level of safety that a cruise vacation might afford. Indeed, a question that we been asked after this incident is …. Is a cruise vacation safe?

For Travel N Relax, this is a critical question since one of the elements we focus on when planning our guest’s vacations is destination safety and security. To our our professional travel advisers, nothing is more important then assuring that all of guests remain safe during their travels. As such, we put a good deal of effort into our research on each trip that we help plan, to assure that guest safety and security will be met during your travels.

With this particular cruise ship incident, we do confess to having several questions running through our minds regarding the operation of this particular cruise vessel. Among these:

  • For a port that had nine other ships docking the same day, why did only this one vessel have issues with these supposed “winds guest and currents?”
  • If the wind guests and currents were so severe, should not safety have come first and perhaps another way to dock be found? Perhaps a more skilled crew member could have been put in charge of docking.
  • What is the level of training that this crew received?
  • Most concerning to us though is why Carnival seems to be putting profit before safety in continuing to operate future cruises with this ship while it maintains the level of damage that it has. By not fixing the issue could not the damage become more severe thus leading to potential future safety issues?

All of that expressed, we also fully recognize that this incident only occurred with one cruise line. Many other cruise lines are out there which offer quality service and strong safety elements. To say that a cruise vacation is unsafe based only on the actions of this one ship would be reckless and wrong. It also would not reflect our true feelings.

Travel N Relax does truly believe that a cruise vacation is safe and we will therefore continue to promote this type of holiday.

How Travel N Relax Can Help You Plan the Perfect Cruise Vacation

With that noted with all travel, there are always elements that need to be looked at and evaluated as your travel is planned, and cruise travel is no different in this regard. When planning a high quality vacation, it is vital to also look beyond just price, and to look at the individual suppliers and evaluate each suppliers record based their known history. Knowing that a supplier has a quality safety record helps to assure your own safety when traveling.

When you work with Travel N Relax, your professional certified cruise travel adviser is fully trained in these skills and will help guide you to the perfect enjoyable and safe vacation – whether by land, or by sea!

At Travel N Relax we have the tools and know how to keep you safe and evaluating our suppliers whom we recommend to you is just one small element of the many steps we take to assure your safety.

Indeed, when working with a cruise vacations travel agency like Travel N Relax you will get the benefit of having guidance and help on which cruise options and cruise lines are best for you. As well, you will gain the value of having a professional certified cruise travel agent assist you in selecting shore excursions and making other pre-cruise and post-cruise arrangements that will assure that you have the maximum enjoyment on your trip.

We invite you to discover the difference in working with a professional family and cruise travel agency like Travel N Relax and seeing the value that such a relationship can provide to you.

Give us a call today at 303.317.6945 to let us take care of all the details while you and your family truly Travel N Relax!

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Differences Between a Family River and Family Ocean Cruise

When deciding upon a family cruise experience, one of the first things to determine is which will be best. A family river cruise, or a family ocean cruise. When looking to answer this question there are many variables to be considered which a family travel agent can assist with.

Among these considerations is whether you prefer being out in the open sea or if you prefer the closer in views that a river cruise can offer you.

Differences between a Family River Cruise and Family Ocean Cruise

On an ocean cruise you will be out on the ocean in a larger vessel with occasional ports of call in multiple countries. On a river cruise you will sail down one of the major rivers in the country generally seeing multiple countries on a single trip.

Because of the narrower rivers and locks the ships must navigate, as well as the heights of bridges the ship must pass under, river cruise ships tend to be smaller boats with fewer facilities than the ocean ships will have. Nevertheless, as the river cruise market evolves and new ships are built, larger suites, more luxurious facilities and family friendly considerations are becoming easier to find on these ships.

Family Cruise Shore Excursion Options

Likewise, on either an ocean or river cruise, shore excursions will be a major element of your family cruise vacation experience. The land tour choices provided by family cruise lines are almost unlimited and provide options that can please all members of your family. Because of the wide selection of tours available, you might want to consider turning your trip into a group vacation and bring along the grandparents! When you create a a multi-generational vacation in this way you can make your family vacation even more special!

Some examples of options you might have to pick from include active expeditions such as hiking, parasailing or biking to gentle paced walking tours to special interest tours such as culinary, wine or artistic tours. If the ships selection of tours does not meet your satisfaction fully customized day trips can also be arranged. Your family travel agent will be able to help you select the best options and arrange these tours for you.

Tour pricing will differ greatly depending on the tour you select and the level of customization that you desire. With many river cruise companies the cruise line will provide free excursions that are included in your cruise fare with additional for fee tour options available. These extra cost excursions will generally be more extensive options that allow you to learn about your destination or the sights you are seeing at a deeper level.

In all cases working with a family vacations travel agency like Travel N Relax you will get the benefit of having guidance and help on which cruise option is best for you. As well, you will gain the value of having a professional certified family travel agent assist you in selecting shore excursions and making other pre-cruise and post-cruise arrangements that will assure that you have the maximum enjoyment on your trip.

We invite you to discover the difference in working with a professional family travel agency like Travel N Relax and seeing the value that such a relationship can provide to you. Give us a call today at 303.317.6945 to let us take care of all the details while you and your family truly Travel N Relax!


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What to Anticipate on a Family Cruise Experience

When planning your family cruise experience there are many considerations that must be made to assure that you and your family have a great family vacation.

Family cruise lines offer ships of various sizes, different cruise itineraries, and various cruise lengths. A family cruise can range from only a few days to extended packages that combine both the cruise with a pre or post-cruise stop to a family-friendly destination such as a Disney park or Universal Studios.

Despite these differences, when working with a professional family travel agent who can determine your wants and needs, you can be assured of an exceptional cruise experience that will both please and satisfy you.

Utilizing the connections that a family vacation travel agency will have, and the knowledge and training of a family travel agent, you will be matched to a cruise experience which provides true family fun.

A family-friendly cruise will offer you great food and beverage options in a wide array of restaurants, quality staterooms to accommodate your family, and a wide selection of entertainment offerings to please every member of your family. Some ships will also offer character interactions that allow the young, and young at heart, to meet, greet, and mingle with their favorite film characters.

Generally on this style of cruise, one will find a wide selection of activities which might range from rock climbing walls, mini-golf, ice skating, laser tag, merry go rounds, and other similar kid-friendly activities that will keep your entire family satisfied. Additionally, kid’s clubs are often available to allow mom and dad to enjoy some alone time should they desire it.

Staterooms on family cruise ships often feature private balconies and provide larger than average stateroom options that can accommodate your entire family in one unit. Some staterooms might also offer a multi-level option with a slide that your little ones can zip down inside the unit.

While these elements are generally always common on a family cruise where things do differ is in the style of travel that each cruise line presents. This is where the knowledge and training of a professional certified family travel agent really come in handy. Learning your preferences and personality, the family travel agent can guide you to a family cruise line that truly meets and caters to your family’s unique desires and needs providing you with an exceptional family vacation experience!

Utilizing the connections that a family travel agency will have, it becomes possible for the guest to be presented with an amazing family cruise experience that will truly please and wow them!

Whether the guest desires a large cruise vessel, a smaller style ship, or a ship packed with family fun features when you utilize the training and knowledge of a professional family travel agent your family vacation wishes can become a reality!

We invite you to give Travel N Relax a call at 303.317.6945 to discover the difference that working with a family travel agency can bring to you! Travel N Relax looks forward to servicing you!

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