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Adrenaline rushes through your veins, your heart pumps out of your chest, you exhale a deep scream of pure excitement—nothing has brought you all together like this before. Being present and experiencing a moment like this with your family, all feeling the same level of excitement, you feel a bond like never before.


These are the events that will be remembered long after the trip. Not the flight, hotel accommodations, or food, but the pure thrill of getting out of your comfort zone. Feeling the rush of emotions—excitement, nervousness, determination—all accumulating into one profound moment, shared with your loved ones.

These are the breathtaking moments we create for our clients, and nothing less.


Get out, explore, and discover something new. You’ll bring back stories that will be passed down for generations.

We all know great adventures make the best stories. From the snowy peaks of Colorado to the tropical jungles of Brazil, every one of our adventures leaves with tales that will be shared for generations. We’ll find just the right push out of your comfort zone to have fun and stay safe. Every adventure you can imagine—by land, by sea, or by sky—we have the perfect experience for you.

So when you’re ready for your next grand adventure, let us handle the details so you can do what you do best—explore the world, discover new connections, and bring back a story that will be shared for years.

As part of our legacy and because our clients desire an adventure worthy to be remembered, we set an adventurous and active travel plan to fulfill their desire. Since active & adventure travel involves challenging activity levels, our travel company’s partners are experienced at designing plans that involve the health benefits of an active lifestyle while also featuring luxury and pampering to help you relax and de-stress. We find beautiful and off-the-beaten-track places where you can explore on foot and connect with the local people and witness the beautiful aura of the area.

As an active traveler, our adventure travel company in Aurora will cater to your active traveling needs and offer a list of activities for you to enjoy on a vacation aimed at keeping you active. Some of our adventure vacation packages include trips to retreat and spa destinations to relax those stressed-out nerves after a busy day of actively exploring your new location. If it’s adventure travel ideas you want, we have many experiences that will keep you fit and active as you travel. From yoga retreats to hiking, wildlife safaris to cycling we have ideas and plans to make any trip fun and worthwhile.

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As part of our adventure travel packages, we also offer many diverse trips where you can have that adventure that you’ve always dreamt about. From hiking the high mountains to experiencing a wildlife safari or taking jungle tours or a cruise around the arctic, we have you covered. Destinations for a thrilling adventure are endless, so we create customized travel packages that offer value for your next vacation. Our packages include preparation information for your trip. As we arrange and book your travel plans, our expert adventure travel planners can also advise you on the equipment you may need as we make your trip both safe and exceptional.

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Our adventure trips and tours are set up to bring a meaningful connection between you and those you are traveling with. We also have many relationships with local connections so that you can immerse yourself in your new environment and enjoy new relationships with the locals you meet along the way. We also put in the effort to make sure we preserve and respect the way of life and the purity of the places we visit. There is a different range of adventures for every type of traveler. No matter the category you fall under, we can help you set up the journey of a lifetime to any of your favorite travel destinations. Call the top adventure travel company in Aurora, Travel N Relax, for more information today.

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