Travel N Relax is pleased to be a full service travel consultancy that offers fully customized travel services to our guests.

So that we may provide our guests with the high level of VIP service that we desire, we do charge a $75.00 travel investment cost for our services.

This small investment covers much more than just basic travel planning services. Rather we provide our guests with a full selection of VIP services to make their travel extra special. To see a full list of the services we offer please click here.

Additionally, some who desire to see additional value for their investment sometimes ask us why we have this investment cost in place when others may offer travel services for free. Our response on this is:

  1. While it is true that one can find free part time hobbyists who sell travel, unlike free fly by night operations Travel N Relax is a full time professional travel business. All of our travel professionals are Certified Travel Agents and are members in good standing with American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). Unlike hobbyists who have another full time job (and income) to support themselves, our staff at Travel N Relax only sells travel full time.Therefore, much as we do love our work and do wish we could offer our services for free, we also have to make a living to survive and have the income to pay our operating costs with. As supplier commissions often average only 12% or less, commissions alone do not offer enough to survive and operate on. As such, we do have to charge a small investment cost to cover our expenses and to allow us to live.
  2. Some travel providers do advertise their services for “Free” but then add an extra cost into the commission amount as a hidden fee to you. In many cases since the fee is hidden from you the service charge you end up paying is much higher then the $75.00 cost Travel N Relax applies. At Travel N Relax we choose to be fully transparent with our guests and have NO additional costs or charges with these types of hidden add on fees to you. As such, you end up often paying less with our services then many of the other “Free” services available to you.
  3. Regretfully some of our past guests have taken all of our information and booked it all themselves. That has left us out of hours of time in work for $0.00 payment. This also robs other guests by taking time away from servicing them while we work with a guest who only wants free service. To protect our time, and our other guests, we have to charge the $75.00 to assure that the guests we work with truly desire the level of service we provide.

At Travel N Relax we truly desire to provide the absolute best value for our guests and feel that this small $75.00 investment cost is reasonable.

We appreciate your understanding on our investment cost and look forward to having the opportunity to service you soon!

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