About Us

Empowering traveler legacy.


Cultivate respectful, honest relationships between travellers, communities, and cultures.


Provide meticulous planning and support to travellers before, during, and after their trip.


Create extremely personal, one-of-a-kind experiences that are shared for generations.

Travelers don’t come to us to simply “book their vacation.”
Our clientele desires something more—something unfamiliar, something personal, and something enduring. They desire experiences that will not only be remembered, but retold, laughed about, and shared for years to come.

We are not in the business of “booking vacations.” We are in the business of creating
new traditions, profound connections, and world-class experiences.

Our Team

Rob Hale

Rob Hale


Rob Hale is a world traveler who was first inspired to unify t...


Lisa Hale

Lisa Hale


Lisa Hale is also a world traveler whose passion lies in unify...


Maurice Washington

Maurice Washington

Chief Executive Officer

Maurice Washington is passionate about bringing families and f...


Max Ratkai

Max Ratkai


Max Ratkai is a graphic & web designer, illustrator, and brand...


Creating “family traditions”
for over 14 years.

From large-scale family reunions to intimate honeymoons, Travel N’ Relax has dedicated its life to creating memorable experiences for travellers.

Going far beyond a simple vacation, our goal is to cultivate experiences that are so personal, unique, and detail-perfect that they will be remembered and shared for years to come. These experiences are not only remembered, but become part of your family’s history. Whether it is a new vacation tradition, a new story that is passed down to grandkids, or a once-in-a-lifetime evening with your loved one, your next travel experience will help shape the legacy of your family’s life.

Why Use a Travel Advisor

Control, peace of mind, and getting the details right.

You meticulously planned for months, every detail you can think of has been taken care of, and you’re pulling up to the airport—late. Rushing inside, you frantically look for your flight schedule. The flight arrived early, and started boarding 15 minutes ago. Anxiety builds in your gut as you sprint to make your flight…

The minute you set foot through those airport doors, all control is gone. You must trust that your research, planning, and decision making will take you to your vacation destination and back without any issues. Once travel plans are in motion, travelers are at the mercy of airlines, events, and unforeseen circumstances.

Despite how thorough most of us are, the smallest details are the ones turn a fun travel experience into a stressful ordeal.

Working with a professional travel advisor is the best way to get every detail right on your vacation. Not just the fun details—first class flights, spa credits, or activity schedules—but the meticulous details—backup flight, car, and accommodation plans, local weather advisory, catastrophic event planning, and more.

These are the details we take care of, not only when planning but while you are physically travelling and experiencing your vacation.


Let us handle the details

We'll create a vacation you'll remember forever.

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