To Bring or Not to Bring, That Is the Question

Many Americans consider their pet an integral part of their family and treat those pets as children, best friends, and even therapists. What happens to the furry members of the family when the human members are planning a vacation? Should they be boarded? Should a pet sitter be hired? Should you leave them with a friend? Can they be left alone? Or, should you bring them along? This is a question that roughly 70% of Americans ask themselves when coordinating the logistics of their travel.

According to a National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 85 million families own a pet. We all know that 2020 was a killer for the travel industry. However, the U.S. Travel Association’s Monthly Travel Recovery Data Report shows that travel is back with a vengeance and that nearly nine in ten American travelers are planning to travel in the next six months – a new pandemic high. If you are an individual who owns a pet and is planning to travel by air in the near future, here are some things you might find useful if you are considering bringing along your furry friend.

As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks, the rules for air travel with a pet vary from airline to airline. An apparent rule of thumb for those airlines that do allow pets is that if your pet isn’t carry-on size, they most likely have to travel in the cargo part of the plane. Although, some airlines have temporarily suspended the cargo option due to COVID. Pet policies generally carry breed restrictions and pet travel fees­. Typically, the further and more international you go, the steeper the fees get.

Pets That Travel compiled a list of pet-friendly airlines. Browsing through the list might be a good starting point when selecting your airline. You will also find specific requirements such as approved carriers, weight limits, and health certificates needed. One of the most annoying things that you can encounter when flying is arriving at your destination only to find that your luggage has vanished into thin air. Missing luggage is a nuisance that happens way too often.

Now, imagine that your pet needs to travel cargo and that at the time of reuniting you are left wondering their whereabouts—this would be the start of a nightmare vacation. Missing pets on an airline aren’t a common occurrence, but one can never be too safe.  To cover all of your bases in keeping your pet safe whether they are traveling cargo or carry on we recommend that your pet is microchipped. Also, make sure that the contact information attached to your pets’ microchip is up to date. Numerous companies make trackers which can be attached to their carrier or even their collar—you can get these at surprisingly affordable prices. Lastly, concerning your pet’s well-being, you will need to clear your pet for travel, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association acceleration and pressure changes can invoke particular stresses to your pet. If your pet is elderly or ill it is probably not in their best interest to bring them along.

When packing for your trip, make sure you think about your pet as well and don’t leave behind any essentials. You will need to make sure that you have portable handy travel items while on the go as well as items for once you reach your destination. Some staple items to bring along should include a leash—of course, pet waste bags, a collapsible bowl, snacks, and some wee-wee pads. 

It is easy to get so consumed with meeting all of the airline requirements that you then neglect to look into the lodging accommodations—don’t forget to do that. Your lodging will not only need to be pet friendly but also must offer the right amenities for you and your pet.

Pro tip: If you will need to be taking your pet out for walks do your due diligence for checking out the area before booking. It’s astonishing what a difference a couple of blocks can make in some towns.

Traveling with your pet can be extremely rewarding and an amazing bonding experience, but if you still have questions about bringing them along or would like help finding the right accommodation contact our Denver travel agency and ask to speak with a representative. We’d love to help you create the purrrfect travel plan.

How To Plan a Destination Wedding

Are you and your fiance considering a destination wedding but don’t know quite where to start? The truth is a destination wedding, when done right, can be a dream come true.  The alternative (when you don’t know the ins and outs of planning an event plus travel) can turn into a nightmare!

So, let our team at Travel N Relax, based in Denver, walk you through the process, starting with the basics.

What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a celebration of marriage in a location outside of the couple’s hometown that requires travel. While you may automatically get an image of a beachside wedding on an island or a ceremony in a fairytale town outside of the country, destination weddings can really be held just about anywhere.

Spoiler alert: it’s your wedding, so you get to choose just about any place you desire! Love the beach? Then get married in a tropical location. Love the snow? Celebrate a love-filled winter wonderland in the mountains.

How do you plan a destination wedding?

Planning a destination wedding isn’t exactly one-size-fits-all. After all, each couple is unique, and so are their desires. But there is one thing all destination weddings do have in common: celebrating a lifetime union in a fun, unique, and memorable way.

By working with a professional destination wedding planner, you’ll get the best connections to venues and travel, along with our years of experience in successfully planning and managing destination weddings.

From small intimate celebrations to large gatherings, we make it simple:

  • Step 1: You fill out a detailed questionnaire to help us understand your vision.
  • Step 2: Our planners gather the best options for your review.
  • Step 3: We schedule a meeting to go over the details of your destination wedding.
  • Step 4: Sit back and relax; we do the planning for you and provide a timeline, so you know exactly what to expect.

While a beautiful destination wedding may feel like magic, it doesn’t happen by accident. There’s a lot of research, planning, and budgeting involved – and that’s where we come in!

By working with the area’s most experienced destination wedding planner, you’ll get access to the best ideas, connections, and deals. And instead of stressing and worrying about the wedding day, you can truly enjoy your special day! (After all, you only get one like it!)

Are destination weddings more expensive than traditional ones?

A destination wedding is typically less expensive than a traditional wedding and reception. The cost of your destination wedding depends on several factors, including the location, size, entertainment, and activities.

We’ll go over this in detail and help you set your wedding goals and budget to determine the total costs involved.

Do you pay for guests at a destination wedding?

Just like with a traditional wedding, the bride and groom are expected to pay for the reception and wedding festivities, including food and drink at the wedding. 

As for paying for your guests’ travel and accommodations, this is totally up to you, but you are not expected to pay for your guests’ flights or hotels. As a courtesy, you should provide your guests with discounted hotel rates when you book a hotel block (and we’ll help you do this).

Having your guests pay for their participation in your wedding is completely normal, and a well-designed invitation that gives all the details far in advance lets your guests plan accordingly.


Plan your destination wedding with Travel N Relax:

Travel N Relax is a travel advisor based in Denver, CO. We offer destination weddings, honeymoon getaways, group travel, all-inclusive vacations, and more. Whatever your style, it’s our specialty.

We’re here to help you plan your dream wedding getaway and are part of the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialists Association (DWHSA).

While it’s never too early to start researching destination wedding ideas, we recommend you contact our wedding planners at least one year in advance of your desired wedding date.

During this time, we’ll help you choose your perfect destination, venue, and hotel, plus connect you with the right suppliers, caterers, photographers, and more. In addition to this, our team handles the details, like assembling the guest list and sending out “Save the Dates.”

A full timeline of how we help plan your destination wedding can be viewed here.


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