Tips for Booking Group Vacations

There’s nothing quite like traveling with the people you love. Getting to see beautiful new sights, try exotic and delicious new foods and drinks, experience local customs and excitement – all of it is better when you have a friend with you. Better yet, keep the fun rolling when you travel with a bunch of friends, otherwise known as group traveling.

Sharing journeys and making memories with friends is one of the greater gifts in life. However, take it from any group travel agent, things can quickly and easily go awry when you try to plan a vacation with a number of people. Everyone has different taste, preferences, budgets, wants and needs. Trying to balance all of that while in a new place can be stressful at a minimum and a nightmare in its worst iterations.

Rather than having a massive fight and blowout during the trip, or even before it stats, plan ahead to ensure smooth sailing, or flying if you aren’t going on a cruise, and heed these words of wisdom from Denver travel agents that have seen it all and know how to mitigate any troubles.

Agree on a location

Obviously this is the first thing you should all do if you decide to travel as a unit. Oftentimes, people default to majority rules, but that will often leave one to a few people left out and bummed out about the choice. Always be open to suggestion and compromise. Consider one location for this trip, and a different one to give the others a chance to take the lead. Even if you all agree on location, the net big concern is money.

Set a budget

Some people like to live lavishly when they travel and stay in five star hotels, throwing their credit cards around for the finer things in life to feel pampered. Others might want to take a more modest and conservative approach and spend their funds on other endeavors. Set the budgets ahead of time so no one feels uncomfortable later. Make sure everyone is willing to pitch in on essentials, such as accommodations and groceries for group meals; feel free to discuss optional activities that people can opt out of if it isn’t for them.

Let the planner take the reigns

Every group has that one friend that loves to plan every minute of every day. Let them be in charge of booking and making decisions to make things easier, assuming everyone else is on board with that hierarchy. There’s nothing worse than 5 friends arguing about where to eat for dinner at 8pm when you’re all already famished from a full day of activities.

Book flights and hotels early

Waiting till the last minute means you’ll be greeted with sky high airline fares and top dollar per-night charges for hotel rooms. By booking in advance, you can lock in low rates, meaning more money for the important actives and meals.

Collect shares before confirming bookings

There’s nothing worse than spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a big excursion to have people back out last minute, driving up the cost for everyone else. Before you hit confirm on some plane tickets, or a hotel website, make sure you receive everyone’s payments. This way, if people find out that they need to back out, you have time to come up with a backup plan. Additionally, agree as a group that deposits are non-refundable to avoid any headaches later.

Enjoy your vacation

Don’t hesitate to break off from the group for a little solo adventure; don’t forget, this is your vacation as much as it is the group’s! Explore on your own if you have the energy, but everyone else is feeling a bit worn out from travel, or from an earlier activity. Don’t miss out on something you want just because the others don’t want to go.

We’ve got plenty more expert travel agent tips to help you make an unforgettable trip (and not an unforgettable nightmare). Contact us today for help with planning your group vacation and we’ll be happy to assist.

Why Planning Travel Now is Critical to Your Destination Wedding and Family Travel Needs

As a travel consultancy that has always been focused on family travel and destination wedding and romance travel, our passion through the years has always been on helping you travel well and to help you maximize your travel experiences.  

Although we are only halfway through it, the challenges of 2020 have given all of us more than enough reasons not to travel. However, we know from multiple past articles that have been published on both family travel and destination wedding and honeymoon travel, that travel is always beneficial to both families and relationships.  

This year, with the stresses we have all faced both individually and collectively, planning a future escape from home could well be critical to both your marriage and your family.  

While there are many imperative reasons to be traveling in 2020 and beyond here are just a few of the key reasons why planning family travel and destination wedding and romance travel now is critical. 

Travel helps your mental health 

Have you perhaps noticed recently that your patience is a little bit shorter and your temper perhaps a little bit hotter? Numerous pre-COVID studies have shown that family travel and destination wedding, honeymoon, and romance travel is critical to your health. Months of lockdowns at home have been beyond stressful for all of us and your brain needs a break from the day to day pattern it’s been stuck in! 

Travel Frees You from the News 

Let’s face it, the mainstream media thrives on presenting the most negative news stories it can. Everywhere we look there is hate speech and stories that divide us and make us anything but a “United” people. The last 7 months have been exhausting. When you’re in the middle of a great family vacation or a destination wedding, honeymoon or romance trip it’s hard to keep up with the news. In a year that has been overloaded with negative press, getting away from the news for a period is critical to your family and relationship. 

Travel Restores the Soul 

While looking out of our windows for months may be fun after we have fully cleaned the house for the hundredth time, let’s confess that there are new horizons that we all likely wish to explore. After being surrounded by bad negativity, escaping to new places helps ground us and remind us that positive experiences and places do still exist in this world. This discovery can refresh us and allow our family travel and destination wedding and honeymoon travel to connect us with our loved ones in deeper ways.  

Travel Makes Positive Memories 

If nothing else, 2020 has, for all of us, created a sea of memories that we will live with for our lifetimes. Unfortunately, most of our 2020 memories will be bad ones. Travelling on a family vacation or destination wedding, honeymoon or romance trip can allow us to start gaining new positive memories that can replace the negative memories of 2020.  

Travel Fosters Relationships 

Over the last several months all of us have become masters of MS Teams, Messenger and Zoom. Unfortunately, these platforms are not the best in building true relationships. On the other hand, when you enjoy a high-quality family trip, or a love filled destination wedding, honeymoon or romance travel trip relationships can both bud and grow. The shared memories that a quality trip can provide offer the opportunity to develop new deeper levels of relationships that will benefit all travelers. Through travel we can become better connected to those we love.  

Yet most of all…. 

Travel is Worth the Potential Hazards 

One of the only known elements in life is that real safety does not exist outside of our homes, and even there unexpected surprises can occur. One of the cornerstones that Travel N Relax has built our family travel and destination wedding, honeymoon and romance travel business upon is keeping you safe and secure and assuring that you have no surprises during your trip. These elements of safety and security will always remain vital to us long after the challenges of our current world have passed.  With that understanding, even though travel to certain places at this moment in time may not be wise now is the ideal time to start planning that future family travel, destination wedding, honeymoon or romance trip you dream of! Every day we are surrounded by potential hazards like driving so we recognize that the best things in life always comes with some level of danger involved. Yet, we have seen just from this limited list of the benefits of travel that the rich rewards that travel can provide far outweigh the potential dangers travel may have.  

At Travel N Relax we recognize that each of us will feel safe venturing out at different times and that’s perfectly understandable and fine. We only present here some of the reasons travel why remains critical for you. With that understanding, you can be assured that whenever you feel safe and ready to travel again the family travel and destination wedding, honeymoon, and romance travel specialists at Travel N Relax will be standing by ready to serve you! We look forward to your contact and helping you plan your next escape to experience for yourself the many benefits that travel can provide you! 

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The European Travel Ban

Tensions are high and rising ever higher and Colorado travel agencies, particularly our Denver vacation planning and travel agency, are checking the news every day to see if there are any updates regarding international travel to Europe and what it means for Americans. The travel industry has already been in relative shambles due to the outbreak of COVID-19 as we’ve previously reported, but this travel ban could strike a particular blow to couples looking to enjoy a honeymoon vacation or a quick getaway to Europe. The travel ban against Americans was announced on June 29th and went into effect on July 1st.

For those with family who live in the European counties, this poses an extra layer of strain and confusion as many will no longer be able to visit relatives until the travel ban is lifted. On the flip side, those with citizenship, or passports based in other countries, may be able to come and go freely as they are returning home. For all others, they will be denied entry into any member nation of the EU.

Joining the US on the list of no entry are India, Russia, and Brazil. What is the basis for this blockage of travel? The EU argues that these countries have not done enough to stop the spread of COVID-19 and that travelers pose excessive and egregious risk to peoples of the EU nations; the leaders state that they fear a second wave will spread, especially if tourists from the aforementioned countries are allowed in.

The potential good news out of this situation is that the list will be updated every two weeks and if any so choose, countries can allow visitors from these barred nations in, but at their own risk. Were US coronavirus cases to go down over the coming weeks, it is likely that the EU leaders would readmit American travelers abroad. As of July 1st, over 2.6 million cases have been confirmed in the US and new hot spots are appearing across the map.

For those looking forward to a trip overseas to one of the many popular destinations, such as London, Paris, and Rome, this ban may come as a shock and/or inconvenience, if not outright annoyance. There are still other attractive vacation spots and tourism hot spots available to US travelers and we’d be happy to go over such a list. Beach vacations are still available and we can help you plan the perfect honeymoon, or weekend getaway, devoid of crowd interactions so that you can practice safe social distancing while still enjoying your time off. Airline prices are beginning to creep up, so now may be a good time to lock in a low rate to save yourself some extra money; call our Denver travel agency office today to learn more about our featured getaways.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues and the EU takes aggressive measures against American travelers, we will be paying close attention as the situation unfolds and will have regular updates about a continuation of the restriction, or an alleviation of it.

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