Activities to Beat the Coronavirus Doldrums

Many governors are informing citizens to hunker down and stay in their homes for the next few weeks to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, and as a result, people are starting to get antsy. Since most businesses are shut down, we can’t go to the movies, mini golf courses, and other fun areas to pass the time and enjoy each other’s company.

However, there are still plenty of places that are secluded and enjoyable to visit to beat the Coronavirus doldrums while getting healthy exercise (other than curling the TV remote).

  • Go for a hike: It’s a quick and easy way to get fresh air and practice social distancing.
  • Head to the beach: Some beaches have closed down parking, but you can still visit them to enjoy the soothing sounds of water lapping on the shore.
  • Go for an adventure in the woods: You likely won’t run into anyone in the woods, besides some critters. Bring a camera!
  • Ride bikes: This is an easy way to explore your area while getting some great exercise.
  • Rent a canoe: Who says you need to stay land locked? Head out onto the waters for a bit of sport.
  • Go rafting: This is next level from renting a canoe. Get ready!
  • Drive around: Gas prices are down since no one is really traveling, might as well enjoy a peaceful drive to see some far off sights!

There are still plenty of activities to keep your mind and body sharp while in quarantine. Feel free to reach out to us for any additional ideas!

Yes, It’s Safe to Go on a Cruise

Amidst wild media and medical panic as the United States contains and addresses COVID-19, you’ve likely been barraged with doom and gloom, coupled with an unsettling notion that you’re trapped wherever you are. One big fear surrounds the cruise industry and the hopeful passengers that had booked a voyage.

Cruise lines already take the health of the crew and passengers seriously to ensure the wellbeing of all passengers, with prevention outbreak measures and medical facilities in place to treat any sign of illness. According to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), with COVID-19, the liners are stepping up their strategies and are currently blocking boarding the ship to anyone who has visited one of the Coronavirus hotspots within the last month, including China and Italy, thereby decreasing the risk and mitigating any chance of the virus spreading.

The CLIA liners are also screening any passengers and crew members of possible COVID-19 symptoms and barring entry to anyone who shows signs of it. In short, you will go through a screening process, but if you show no signs, you’ll be given the green light to enjoy your trip.

Obviously, COVID-19 is a serious medical challenge to everyone across the globe, but by following a simple hygiene checklist, washing your hands frequently sitting at the top, it can be managed. Medical professionals are working towards a vaccine and other means of prevention, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your trip.

Contact us or sign-up to receive updated information related to traveling and booking a future Trip. if you have any additional questions about traveling and COVID-19 and we’ll be happy to help.

Update: Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, most cruise lines have ceased operation through the end of April 2020 or later as a precaution to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Should You Travel Amidst the Coronavirus?

If you turn on the news right now, within 10 minutes, you’ll likely hear more about the Coronavirus that is sweeping the globe and infecting people left and right. Travel industry professionals are worried about the virus, it spreading, and infecting them and/or others around them. Related to this, people who need to travel for work, or leisure, are terrified of contracting the virus as it’s fairly contagious.

As such, people are canceling trips left and right, missing out on long-expected opportunities, vacations, getaways, and honeymoons and living in fear day today. Is it best to cancel your trip, or would it be a waste of investment and you’d miss out? Well, as you might expect, the answer is a bit complicated.

You need to look at the severity of the location in terms of the outbreak and how likely you would catch the virus. China and the surrounding areas? Pretty contaminated with the virus and there’s a good likelihood you and your loved one(s) contract the contagion. A tropical getaway in the Caribbean? Well, the chances of finding the Coronavirus there are much lower. Cruises can be safe, but they also could contain the virus, as a story that broke recently about a particular ship that harbored the virus and the passengers being quarantined.

With a little research and assistance from our travel experts, you will be better informed to make the right decision regarding the health of yourself, your party, and/or your family.

If you decide to go through with your upcoming trip, after careful consideration and assessing the likelihood of catching the Coronavirus, you should still take some precautions to guarantee your wellbeing during your travels and stay.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water
  • Avoid anyone who coughs, sneezes, or seems ill in any way
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes as much as humanly possible.
  • You don’t need to wear a face mask when traveling; that is advised for people who are already showing symptoms of being sick to stop the spread of any potential virus.

If you have any questions or concerns about upcoming travel plans, contact us so we can advise you and go over the pros and cons, as well as the risks, to traveling or canceling. Your health is important as we face this worldwide crisis, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw away dreams of a getaway. Call us today to learn more.