Magical Ways to Make Your Disney World Vacation More Luxurious

When one thinks of a vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort, thoughts immediately go to the magical vacation experience that awaits them! As this “Vacation Kingdom of the World” offers 43 square miles (twice the size of Manhattan Island) of holiday fun and magic the question becomes how does one best book a high-quality Disney vacation?

As a Google search on “How to Book a Disney Vacation,” pulls up 130,000,000 results just from that search term alone, it becomes clear that working with a luxury travel agency who is well versed and trained in Disney parks and resorts, might be your best option.

In addition to booking the standard Disney elements, a luxury travel agent with solid Disney knowledge and training can also add in a large selection of first-class options and add-ons.

For most upscale guests, one of Disney’s Unique Access tours is a must.

Here the luxury travel agent can offer a wide selection of backstage and VIP tours that will make your Disney dreams even more magical. For a true over the top experience, the “World of Dreams” tour can be booked by a luxury travel agency like Travel N Relax at just $12,000 for up to six guests. This tour, which is not listed on Disney’s main website, can be secured for wealthy guests via the exclusive connections a luxury travel agent would have.

After a day of touring, the luxury travel agent can make reservations for a guest to relax and enjoy a fine meal at one of Disney’s upscale restaurants. Two examples of such restaurants might be The California Grill perched high atop Disney’s Contemporary Resort, or the 5-star Victoria and Albert’s inside Disney’s Grand Californian Resort.

If a standard meal is not to the guests liking, the luxury travel agency can arrange a “Delicious Disney Dining” experience which is a themed culinary event focused around a Disney tale. Held only at certain times of the year, the guest’s luxury travel agent will have the connections and ability to both advise and book these.

Disney after dark is when many believe that Disney becomes the most magical. Flood lit castles and twinkling lights combined with night shows and fireworks truly bring new meaning to the magic of Disney.

For clients wishing to add some VIP elements to their evening, a luxury travel agent can advise on a wide variety of dinner and desert events combined with reserved firework viewing spots. Or, as an alternative option to avoid the crowds, the luxury travel agency can arrange for a private firework’s viewing cruise on one of Disney’s luxury yachts.

As you can see there are many ways that a luxury travel agent can enhance your Disney vacation and make it even more magical. Many of these options will not be found on the Disney websites, and require the exclusive knowledge of the luxury travel agent to advise you of these options and book them for you.

Whether you desire a base level vacation package, or a true luxury vacation of your dreams, Travel N Relax is your luxury travel agency to assist you. As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and past Disney cast members, our luxury travel agents have the knowledge and know-how to make your Disney vacation dreams exceptional!

Give us a call and let us take care of all the details as you truly Travel N Relax!

The Value of Working With A Travel Advisor For Your Next Road Trip

The all American road trip! For generations there has been nothing quite as special as jumping into the car and heading off down that roadway to vacation dreams! This is a great way to spend uninterrupted family time together while exploring new destinations.

Indeed, recent studies have shown that almost 100 million Americans will take a vacation in 2019 with almost half of those families planning to use their car as their primary means of vacation transportation.

Given these numbers, it can be asked if a luxury travel agency can have any role in helping these travelers reach their destinations. Is there a place for the luxury travel agent to help plan these types of getaways?

In today’s world where the upscale traveler is seeking both serendipity and experiences, the luxury travel agent can certainly help them find new positive adventures to enjoy! The luxury travel agency is uniquely equipped with providing a lot of variety with a luxurious and memorable touch.

Though there are various ways to tour, a luxury travel agency can offer luxurious multiple-destination travel plans that can satisfy even the most discerning traveler. The luxury travel agent will provide a luxurious travel plan that will create family memories for generations to come.

Every road trip will be unique, not only with what you view and experience on each journey, but also in providing the leeway and space inside of that excursion to make the trip unique to each individual traveler. Yet, with so many possible choices figuring out the things you want to see and do can be overpowering.

For this reason, a luxury travel agent can be tremendously helpful in narrowing down the choices and helping the client sort through the vast quantity of online information that is available. With the numerous individual parts to be considered in a road trip design, this type of help from a luxury travel agent can prove quite valuable. When a luxury travel agent focuses on planning the luxurious trip of a lifetime, the guests can focus on having a great time.

A luxury travel agency like Travel N Relax will organize a fully customized and comprehensive travel plan that contains all of your travel arrangements such as hotel and guided tour reservations. Additionally, the luxury travel agent will provide route planning, unique sights to see along the way, places to explore based on the guests interest, and meal suggestions and reservations. Should the client be interested in sports, theater, a day at the spa or other activities those also can be pre-arranged by the luxury travel agent.

It is the goal of luxury travel agency like Travel N Relax to find that perfect point between arranging an exceptional expedition of a lifetime, while also expanding the borders of their guests’ comfort zone to truly delight and surprise them. Wherever they may travel, it is our goal to truly amaze our guests and cause them to see their destination in a totally unique and different way!

We invite you to let our luxury travel agents plan a trip of lifetime for you where you will come back truly “Wowed” by your journey! Give us a call to let us take care of all your travel details so that you can truly Travel N Relax! We look forward to servicing you!

A Twisty Ride Down Lombard Street

Perhaps you have heard of Lombard Street, the world famous street purported to be the “The Crookedest Street in the World.”

Perhaps you have heard of Lombard Street. This is the world famous street in San Francisco that features eight sharp hairpin turns and is purported to be the “The Crookedest Street in the World.” Due to this moniker and its scenic brick roadway surrounded by Russian Hill mansions and perfectly manicured landscaping and flowers, the street attracts over two million annual visitors, and daily queuing for up to 10 hours.

These crowds understandably create massive traffic congestion on and around the 1000 block of Lombard Street in a city already famous for its heavy traffic volumes. As such it has become an issue for both the local residents and the city and county of San Francisco.

To address this issue state Assembly Bill 1605 was created to locally approve a reservation and pricing pilot program for vehicles to use Lombard street. If approved drivers would need to register for a time and date in advance and then pay a fee of $5 per car on weekdays, and up to $10 on weekends and holidays to drive this one block stretch. How or where this fee would be collected or how this would be enforced is unclear as of this writing. If passed the city would be responsible for determining the exact cost and enforcement details.

As of this time the bill has has passed the Assembly Transportation Committee by an 11-to-3 vote and is expected to go to a floor vote on the assembly floor at the State Capitol on May 2nd.

With the traffic and the soon to be cost and hassles of getting a reservation one has to logically ask…. Is it worth it to drive down 1 block of Lombard Street? This writer would have to suggest that the answer to that question is….No!

To truly Travel N Relax we would suggest instead taking an enjoyable cable car ride to nearby Fisherman’s Wharf and then walking the nine blocks to the base of the street where you can take a great photo looking up the hill at all the curves. If you are ambitious you can also walk up the hill for additional shots.

Alternatively the Hyde Park Cable car will take you to the top of the hill or city buses down Columbus Ave can get you nearby. However you arrive you will know you are there when you see the large crowds at both the top and bottom of the hill!

This type of visit allows you to avoid sitting in gridlock both getting to the hill and sitting on it. This also allows you to visit for free and without the need for advance reservations.

Ironically despite its fame, Lombard Street is not the “The Crookedest Street in the World,” nor even in San Francisco. This honor belongs to Vermont Street between 20th and 22nd streets in the Potrero Hill area of the city.

While not as famous but much less crowded due to its lack of streetside flower gardens and more city like look you could also visit for free without the large crowds of people Lombard street attracts. While here you could also enjoy a picnic at the adjoining McKinley Square Park which also offers some good views of the city.

Either as a pedestrian on Lombard Street or as a visitor to Vermont Street it will be a much more relaxing way to visit San Francisco and Travel N Relax without the traffic crowds or the reservations or fees.