Why I’ve Chosen To Become A Travel Professional

Why I’ve Chosen To Become A Travel Professional

Denver Travel Agents I am often asked why, out of all of the industries that I could have worked in, I have chosen the travel field as my line of work. To answer this question, one only needs to look at the lines of the song “It’s a small world.” —————————————- …there’s so much that we share that its time we’re aware its a small world after all… …Though the mountains divide And the oceans are wide It’s a small small world… —————————————- As a person who is internally wired to want to unite people, it grieves me greatly to see mankind in a state of division – both internationally and, in more recent times, domestically as well. I believe that much of this division comes from the fact that we do not have a full appreciation of how much we actually share in common with other peoples and cultures and, through misunderstanding and misperception, we feel instead that others are quite a bit different than we are, simply because of our different locations on the globe. My hope, in some small way, is that if we can visit others in their “home” location we might come to see that they are indeed much more “Like” us vs. being “Different” from us. It is for that reason, that I chose to enter the professional travel profession… so that I might hopefully play a small role in re-uniting us a world community and to bring back some of the unity which I feel that we as a people have lost. I believe that through travel we can re-unite with one another and discover that…”It’s a small small world!” That is my hope, and that is the foundation upon which Travel N Relax has been built. Denver Travel Agents Denver Travel Agents

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