Why a Disney World Vacation?

Why a Disney World Vacation?

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Epcot Spaceship Earth Walt Disney World Orlando 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interesting conversations arise when the topic of going on vacation comes up. There are often debates, opinions expressed, and almost always a competition arises over whose vacation was the most enjoyable. Often when these conversations arise, the object of conversation leads itself to Walt Disney World, and a vacation to Central Florida. “Where did you go this summer?” “Florida. We went to Disney World.” “Really? How much fun could that be with the crowds and the heat, I like to relax and hangout on vacation.” “Have you ever been there?” “No.” “Well then, there you go.” “What does that mean.” “It means we need to seriously talk about what you think you know about Disney and what is actually true.” These conversations happen practically daily, and the end result is that the person who has never been to Disney World books a trip and returns glowing from having their best family trip yet. Not only that but there is another converted Disney fan. I have personally seen many of these in the past, and will see many in the future. The question really is this: why? Or better yet: how? How can a place make people of all different vacation styles happy? Why is it known as the most traveled place in the world each year? The answer lies in the simplest of terms: adaptability. When Disney World opened in 1971, it was envisioned as the vacation destination to end all vacation destinations. Its purpose was to have activities that would allow guests to enter the resorts grounds and not leave until the vacation was over. In many cases even then people would not want to leave. The resort is adaptable. Consider this: Only in Disney World could you go parasailing, visit a theme park, go on a safari, have dinner with a perfect view of fireworks, and dance the night away on an Atlantic City styled Boardwalk. Think about the possibilities they truly are endless. Are you a fan of cruises? Go on the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy, and cruise to the Bahamas, and Disney’s own island Castaway Cay. Are you into hanging by the pool and relaxing? Stay at Disney’s Beach Club and relax in pools that make you feel like you are actually at the beach. Want water parks? Go to Typhoon Lagoon, the park built by storm, or Blizzard Beach, the melted ski resort. Like seeing sights? Go to Downtown Disney and ride Characters in Flight, a hot air balloon overlooking all of Downtown Disney at once.

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Observation balloon ride at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Disney World vacation is not just for the parents and the adults, remember it is the children’s capital of the world too. Have breakfast with Mickey and Minnie at the Contemporary, or Lunch with Cinderella or Winnie the Pooh. Go to the parks and meet the characters and enter some of your all-time favorite Disney films. The resort is geared with children in mind, so they will be in a constant state of awe. Personally My first trip to Disney World was in 1993 when I was 7 years old. I remember not wanting to leave then, and how my trip was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Now as I turn 27, years later, I can still say that a Disney vacation is one that I not only look forward to but one that I countdown to, and one that makes me sad when I leave. A Disney vacation is one that enthralls and captivates from the small to the tall, from young to old, and everyone in between. So when your thinking about your next vacation, look at Disney as an option that can make the entire family happy.   About Joe Notaro Travel N RelaxJoe is the founder and writer of the blog entitled the “Tomorrowland Interplanetary Gazette,”as well as a guest writer at World of Walt.com. His interests in Disney and the intricacies of the company began after his first trip as a 7 year old in 1993.  Joe keeps up to date on news and rumors of the company as well as the resort in particular so that he can accurately report on it.

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