When Is A Travel Deal NOT a Deal? Buyer Beware!

When Is A Travel Deal NOT a Deal? Buyer Beware!

I went out to my mailbox the other day and found an envelope from Island Travel Treasures – a company that advertises itself as a “Private” travel sales club (name changed to protect the innocent). Out of the envelope fell multiple “Private” travel “deals” which the company proclaimed on their lead sheet were the “very best rates not made available anywhere else.”  This was followed by sheet after sheet of screaming deals from well known Tour companies, Cruise lines, various Ski Resorts, Hotels, etc. Curious to see just how good these “deals” were I decided to run a test on them and compare these special “Private” prices against what I could find. What I discovered disappointed me. Many of these “Deals” were nothing more than public specials the companies themselves were running on their websites and which were available to anyone. Others were indeed unique specials…BUT… they were more costly then the offers I can offer to clients through the consortium’s Travel N Relax is connected with. None were in fact a special deal all. The end lesson in this is… Buyer Beware! There are many companies out there competing for your business that are not legitimate. They may “Wow” you with their colorful marketing but be nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Particularly in this economy companies are becoming much more aggressive. You need to be a cautious consumer and really question when a “Deal” seems too good to be true. As this example shows it often is! At Travel N Relax we truthfully will not offer you a special deal or promotion that does not exist. Rather we will just offer you the best value we can find at the time of your booking based on your individual needs and desires and then follow that pricing for you after your booking to make sure you continue to get the best value available to you. In doing your research Buyer beware and make sure if you are offered a “Deal” that it really is the best value option out there for you.

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on Nov 21, 2011

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